Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspiration ~ Family

I am usually not a super sentimental person, but gosh darn it, I miss my husband.  It stinks when he is gone, we function so much better as a family when he is around.  Tae misses him.  Elis misses him. But soon enough, soon enough.

So today my inspiration is my family.  My husband and how he does what is hard because it is the best for us.  How he provides for our family.   He tells me I will have everything I need and then we'll work on the wants, and more often than not, in front of his own wants/needs because he loves me.  Thank you babe!

Then there's my babies.  Oh my babies.  Sometimes I am want to curl up into a ball on the floor crying and sometimes I want to squeeze you and kiss you for hours.  {wow, I sound a little crazy}
They can teach you how to truly enjoy each spoonful of frozen yogurt.
Or how awesome it is to swing really, super-duper high on the swings.

Or how awesome it is to go down a slide or do crazy karate kicks into the water.

  I mean, look at that face!  Such a stud.
I love it how forgiving they can be when momma forgets their swimsuits and a super hot day, that's okay, these shorts will do!
Feeling the wind in your hair running along the beach! Go, Eli, go!
And is there anything more fun than digging in the sand looking for sand crabs at the beach?
I think not.

Can I get an amen if you have an awesome family that inspire you daily!


The winner of the Time Well Spent giveaway is #1, Tracy from Scribbles and Smudge!  I've e-mailed you already!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration ~ Fashion

I have recently been very inspired by fashion.  I love being creative with it and seeing how others do the same.  It is fun to think that there is no box, you do what you want and what makes you feel good and then you rock it, girl!

I was able to add a little bit to my wardrobe at the beginning of summer but now nearing the end and coming up on our move, I  I don't want to get in the habit of always wanting more, never being satisfied with what I have.  So that's it.  I am going to take Kendra's 30x30 challenge.  I am taking 30 pieces of my current Wardrobe and remixing them.  I am gonna try to be creative, think outside the box and I am excited about it.  Most importantly, no shopping!!  Little lesson on being content!

Here is what I wore when it was like 100 degrees outside and I watched my beautiful, little niece.  If I ever needed a confirmation I don't want 3 kids, that was it.  Not because she was bad, she wasn't.  Just because I clearly can't handle it.  And that's okay.
Tae snapped some of these for me
This is what I wore to the beach.  This and another outfit I didn't take a picture in.  That is going to be the biggest challenge, taking a picture in each outfit! 

We were trying to teach Tae how to boogie board, he wasn't having it.  I forget sometimes, the kid is 4. 

Now for some lovely fall fashion that I might buy after my 30 days is up.  It's called planning ahead,

Love the tall boots, as you can see. 

And the loose shirt over a tighter tank. So cute.

I particularly love this.  Comfy, cute, stylish.  My kind of outfit.  Love the scarf.

Now for some impractical outfits. But also completely lovely.

Like seriously?  I am racking my brain to find a time and a place appropriate for this skirt.  Gorgeous.

So beautiful.  And maybe not entirely impractical, but with two little boys that have no concept of dirty hands, just not gonna happen.
Source: via Natalia on Pinterest

This is not as impractical, super cute.  I am just not that fancy and don't need fancy clothes.  But I should probably have it in my wardrobe, right?  Ya, I thought so.

What inspires you when it comes to fashion?  Celebrities, magazines, 'normal' people, fashion bloggers, all of the above?  What is your style?  And if you have kids, do you still find time to wear a cute, impractical skirt now and then?  {Seriously looking for an excuse!}

Inspiration ~ Paper Goods

One of my most favorite things is paper.  Beautiful paper.  I love a pretty print or vintage style.  I spend a lot of time in Target just staring at the journals section trying to come up with reasons I need another one.  I have quite a few prayer journals, now I am looking for idea journals and just every day journals.  But I don't want to waste my money on one that isn't super cute, ya know?

Here is my current prayer journal.  I don't even know where I got it, but I love the little sayings on each page.

This is my calendar.  Another section of the store I stare at. I don't use a paper calendar a ton, so I don't know why I buy them, but I love a cute calendar.  I have just figured out that I need them to organize my blog posts. Yes! I have a reason!
 Now for Pinterest.  These are all the journals I wish I had...

Once again with the beautiful soft colors.  I am feelin' this lately!

Orange and teal, my favorite.

This is what I wish my journals look like.  With loads of stuff from my travels and experiences.

My favorite.  This looks French and I love it. 

Maps and journals.  Yes please.

I love that these are not flat and boring but have dimension and character. 

Well, I think I need to go shopping for a journal!  A few I think.  But I might want to wait until I get to France and see what French vintage they have there.  That would be fabulous.

Do you love to write in a journal, the good old fashion way with a pen and paper?  I am always looking for a pen-pal, like an actual pen-pal, wouldn't that be fun?! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Inspiration ~ Colors

There are many things that inspire me.  Friends, movies, Pinterest, books.  As I am sure it the the same with most of you.  Well in lieu of my new design, I thought I would do a week of what inspires me.  Today we are starting with colors.  Thank you, Pinterest, for providing all these beautiful images I wouldn't have been able to find on my own.  I love the internet.

As you might have guessed, most things French are inspiring to me.  I think France is a beautiful wonderful country and more specifically that Paris is a magical place.  I thought the French items above were just to die for and I got a lot of the color inspiration for the new design from this.

I loved these colors together.  So I used them.  Yep, you might think they are familiar and they are.  I used them mostly in the new design.  Love it!

This card is to die for. I love green and I think the pink behind it and the little pink pearls are beautiful.

I am so inspired by floral arrangements and more importantly the designers that put them together.  It takes a very creative mind to dream up something beautiful and arrange it together to create a bouquet.  I know I couldn't do it.

I would have to say these colors are some of my favorites.  I love orange and teal together, so beautiful!  In fact, I loved them so much that they were our wedding colors!  The pictures below looks a little bit like what we had, but much much cuter!  Where was Pinterst 4 years ago??

I love theses jars.  As a matter of fact, I have seen some tutorials on how to create beautiful mason jars by using modge podge glue and a little drop of color.  I must try this!

These are my color inspirations for today.  What do you think?  What colors inspire you to create something beautiful?

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Blog Layout! Whaddya think?

Well, you might have noticed, things are a bit different around here!  I revamped my blog and I am really excited about it. I was able to keep my Frenchie girl, who I love, but I gave her darker hair and blue eyes. It kinda fits me more.  I love the softer colors, too, and the solid writing is called "Parisian."  Isn't that perfect?  I thought so!
I thought I would try to help you find your way around the new design!  I know you're all pretty smart, but you know, it's Friday.  So here ya go:

Thanks for stopping by! Your feedback is always appreciated!  If you haven't followed yet, I would love to have you.  I love meeting new people, so always introduce yourself!  You can also check me out on Twitter and Facebook, definitely love my tweet buddies!  Thanks and stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway!! Tutus and Bows!!

Guess what everyone!!  I have something special for ya!  One of my lovely sponsors is here today to tell you about her beautiful shop!  Her kids are adorable (mixed kids are the cutest, hehe) and I am so lucky I don't have a girl because I would be broke buying up all these bows and tutus!!  You have got to read on and check out her stuff.  It is beautiful and really well made.  I guess I could get some for my niece...

Hello Everyone,
My name is Suze from Time Well Spent, and I am originally from Haiti. In an interesting turn of events, I found myself living in the Mountain West of the United States. Being in a different environment took a little time for adapting, but I'm loving it here. I have two beautiful children(a 3 years old boy and an 18 months old sassy & bossy girl) who keep me busy most of the time and married to the most amazing man (November 2006). I love making bows, photography, sewing ( just started) and scrapbooks.
Actually, let me tell you when I started making bows. It all began when our family had a bit of a shock! Our second child was supposed to be another boy, but lo and behold, the doctor pulled out a girl! From that moment I have enjoyed the process of raising a little princess. In anticipation of when she would have a head of hair... (She is getting there)... I started to make hair bows and all things girly. 
So now, I am a total bows and tutus addict, but wouldn't have any other way! My daughter has about three hair bows holders full with hair accessories   ( in the process of making her a four one, need more room) and about 5...6...ok 12 tutus and I even have one too, it was for Halloween,[don't judge me]or was it...?!
Recently, I decided to open a Etsy shop and share my passion with everyone...In the hope that they will pay for themselves and I can always continue making them knowing that some little one is enjoying having them. Hope, I haven't bored you guys to death, so here are some stuff you will find in the shop
 Belts and Matching bows
 Flower Bows and much more.

She has graciously offered to give one lucky reader 15% off her shop.  Don't worry, the giveaway is only a week long, so then you can get to shopping!  Here's how you enter...
~ Follow me here at Ma Nouvelle Mode

Extra Entries
~ Like me on Facebook
~ Tweet about the giveaway. You can use this tweet: Just entered the Time Well Spent Giveaway at @natalialsimmons blog. Check it out

Hope you win! I am telling my sister-in-law to enter. So cute!


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