Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration ~ Paper Goods

One of my most favorite things is paper.  Beautiful paper.  I love a pretty print or vintage style.  I spend a lot of time in Target just staring at the journals section trying to come up with reasons I need another one.  I have quite a few prayer journals, now I am looking for idea journals and just every day journals.  But I don't want to waste my money on one that isn't super cute, ya know?

Here is my current prayer journal.  I don't even know where I got it, but I love the little sayings on each page.

This is my calendar.  Another section of the store I stare at. I don't use a paper calendar a ton, so I don't know why I buy them, but I love a cute calendar.  I have just figured out that I need them to organize my blog posts. Yes! I have a reason!
 Now for Pinterest.  These are all the journals I wish I had...

Once again with the beautiful soft colors.  I am feelin' this lately!

Orange and teal, my favorite.

This is what I wish my journals look like.  With loads of stuff from my travels and experiences.

My favorite.  This looks French and I love it. 

Maps and journals.  Yes please.

I love that these are not flat and boring but have dimension and character. 

Well, I think I need to go shopping for a journal!  A few I think.  But I might want to wait until I get to France and see what French vintage they have there.  That would be fabulous.

Do you love to write in a journal, the good old fashion way with a pen and paper?  I am always looking for a pen-pal, like an actual pen-pal, wouldn't that be fun?! 


Free Pretty Things For You said...

LOVE your new look my Dear!!! :)

Ashley said...

omg!!!! i'm seriously laughing over here because you and i would so be such good friends in real life and spend way too much time wandering around looking at these kind of things! france and washington dc are so far away though! lol.
i spend HOURS in stores like The Paper Source simply because of their beautiful journals. girl, i even bought this cool machine and took a class there on how to make my own spiral bound journal. i wish mine looks like those too...just full of life and inspiration!!! its so fun to read things other people write and feel the exact same way! i literally wrote a post about my love affair with paper goods awhile back! you're the best. i totally added your button to my sidebar, lol! have a good day chica


MiMi said...

Just one of the reasons I stalk Staples and other office supply stores...paper.....mmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Girrrrrrrrrrrrl, you should have signed up for Hannah's Pen Friends at the Happy Days blog! I did, and I am loving my new pen pal!! Email her, I think she's gonna do another round when this one's over. And also, I will totally be your pen pal if you want!

I love journaling as well.. I only have two though, and they're plan as can be. One is for blog notes and one is for Bible notes. I'm so boring! lol

For the sake of Giveaways said...

I stumbled upon your blog. I am so hooked now! You're on my Google Chrome bookmark bar. And that's a compliment because on very important links go there like my internet banking site or something. Anyway, I have long hair so I'm totally digging the tutorials. I am going to try some of the styles and send you pictures as you requested. Also, I still journal in fancy books. I have a stacks of them that I've collected since the age of 12. I'm convinced that my life is interesting enough that surely one day they'll be published. :P But seriously, I had pen pals when I was younger. I would love to be your pen pal. I live in Ohio, USA.


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