Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Hair: Big Poncho

So Monday was a glorious day for me.  My husband got up with the boys, got Tae off to school and was off to his morning practice.  I got to wake up a little later, hang out with the E-man for a bit and take my time getting ready.  

Here's where the good stuff comes in...

I walked down our little hill and took the tram into the city, by myself, and hang out and shop.  By myself, for a few hours.  It was delightful.  For those of you who think it is silly that I am so excited that I got to go by myself either have grandparents or babysitters close by.  I have neither.  So this was special.

Now I need your help!!  I bought this poncho thing.  Husband says it's a no-go.  Whaddya think? 

And I was just having fun with the hair.  Thought I'd go curly for the day.  Kinda liked the fro!

I thought it looked cozy and cute in the store, but this is what happens when you shop by yourself, no girlie opinions!!

So I need your opinions!!! Tags are still on it and I think I can take it back.  It was on sale so who knows, we're not in America anymore...  things are different 'round here.  
Stackable rings: H&M; Earrings: Pimpkie (French store); Poncho & undershirt: Promod (French store); Jeans: Rock Republic; Boots: no idea, they're old.

And as much as I value my loving husband's opinion, I want to know what you think!! Keep it or take it back!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy & Nina @ Momma Go Round.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

~ Sponsor LOVE ~

Today I would love to introduce some of my favorite bloggers/shops.  You can see them and their beautiful buttons over an the sidebar.  Here ya go!!!

Ilene (aka Illy) at Much Love, Illy
We both share a love for the Twilight series, and more specifically, Edward.  Go team Edward! 
Hello! I'm Ilene (also known as illy) of Much Love, illy, a fashion and lifestyle blog! You can also find me busy behind the scenes of my etsy shop or hanging out with my awesome family and fiance! I am addicted coffee, fashion, books and snail mail. I also have a big heart for mission work in the Philippines - and my fiance and I hope to serve there together full-time one day. Wanna be friends? Please stop by my blog or send me a tweet hello. I love making new friends! 

Use the code NATALIAROCKS for free shipping in her store!!  (and I do rock, if you were wondering)

Natalie from NS Pottery
NS Pottery specializes in wheel-thrown stoneware pottery and jewelry that is as functional as it is pretty! My line consists of dinnerware, home decor items, garden accessories, and pretty pottery jewelry. I also stocked my shop with Christmas ornaments just in time for the holidays! I use only durable stoneware clay for my pieces which ensures them a long and happy life. :) Each piece is fired to over 2100° F, making them safe for oven, microwave, and dishwasher use. When I don't have my hands dirty making pretty things, I love to share my life, art, and faith through my blog. I adore new friends, so come say hi! :)

Use coupon code FRANCE10 for 10% off in her store!!

Ashley from La Luce

At La Luce you can find art & beautiful statement pieces for fashion lovers, babies, and brides. All hair accessories can be custom scaled to fit newborn to adult sizes.

You can use the code MODE15 for 15% off your order!

Avery's Loft
Amy is a very dear friend of mine who has recently opened up a beautiful shop.  I am wearing a pair of her earrings here.
Avery's Loft is a collection of items including jewelry, fashion, and ornaments.  Handmade creations for you and your home!

Sunshine Stitch
Handmade goodness for you & your little ones!

Now go check 'em out and show some love!!

** If you are interested in Sponsoring Ma Nouvelle Mode in December, you can see here for details and/or e-mail me at natalia{at}manouvellemode{dot}com.  Thanks!! **

Have a great day!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sponsor Ma Nouvelle Mode in December!!

I have some pretty exciting things going on this next month and I would love for you to be a part of them.  I have three guest posts going up on one of the biggest blogs out there, which means more traffic for you!!

And in the new year I have some really, super-duper exciting things going on.  Like, really cool.  I am very excited about it.  Here are some of my stats as of now for your review.

28,000 Page Views last month
averaging  1,200 page views a day
Visitors spend an average of 2:10 on my blog, browsin' around
456 followers & 22 subscribers as of 11/28/11
469 twitter followers
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Readership and views are growing daily and I would love to have you along for the ride!  Here are my three size options:

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I am always open to unique advertising opportunities and new ideas to promote your shop or business.
If you have something you would like me or my boys to review, feel free to contact me about it.  If I feel like it is a good fit for my blog, I will let you know!
I will also be reserving a few spots for an ad swap, but they will be on a first come, first serve basis.
Please feel free to e-mail me at natalia{at}manouvellemode{dot}com with any questions, comments or thoughts!  I always love to hear from you!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Acute Designs Giveaway!!!

Happy Black Friday!!

If you have taken a breather from shopping all day, online or otherwise, you could have a chance to win something!!!

Acute Designs is one of my favorite Etsy stores.  Not to mention Gina, who is the owner and creator, is super nice.  I have loved getting to know her more and am so pleased to have her as a sponsor on my site!

 {Acute Designs} consists of handmade accessories - hair, jewelry, and bridal.

If you haven't checked out her shop, you should.  She has so many things to choose from.  That is my favorite part, there is something for everyone!  Here are some examples of her work:

 Simple yet beautiful bow headband
 Beautiful satin bow headbands
 Cascading petals headbands
Beautiful ruffled headband

Guess what?  Gina is giving one reader their choice of one of the above!  In their choice of color as well!!

I totally wish I could enter this one...

But you can!  And here's how...
Must be a follower here - mandatory - and tell me which one you would choose if you won

Follow Gina's blog over at {Acute Designs}
Tweet, Facebook, or blog about this giveaway  Feel free to use this tweet:

"Just entered to win a beautiful headband by @AcuteDesigns over at @natalialsimmons blog! Hope I win!"

If you just can't wait to see who the winner is, Gina is having a great Black Friday sale going on all day today!  Just head to her shop {Acute Designs} and make sure you use the code FRIDAY25 at checkout to get, you guessed it, 25% off anything in her shop!

Aaaaannnd to top it off, all sale items are free shipping anywhere in the US!

Have fun with this one, ladies! 
{or husbands doing some Christmas shopping... :)}

The winner to the Avery's Loft giveaway can be found here. :)

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Meet Me!

Hello lovelies!!  What a beautiful day to meet new people!  I am so glad that you have chosen to stop by.  Since we haven't met, let me introduce myself...  If you're an old reader, LOVE YOU!  And thank you for continuing to read!!

Well, first of all, you might be wondering what the heck Ma Nouvelle Mode means.  It means 'My New Style' in French.  Now you might be wondering 'why French?' Well, it just so happens that me, my husband and littles live in France!  Imagine that!  My husband plays basketball here and so we follow him around enjoying the change of scenery and learning a new language and culture.  It is a super fun, yet sometimes difficult life (like most lives, I presume!).

I have a husband and two little guys.  So as you can imagine, it can be hard to stay feminine.  I started this blog as my creative, feminine outlet.  I think I owe it to my husband to take care of myself and continue to look nice for him.  Besides, he's hot, I gotta try to keep up!  It has been a very fun journey so far and my absolute favorite thing about blogging has been the friends I have made doing it.  As you can imagine, traveling the world it is hard to maintain friendships.  Well, enter the internet et voila!  Friends you just take with you!

 If you stop by my place you can find a lot of hair tutorials and more to come.  Some makeup tutorials like a really easy but very smokey eye.  Also some fashion and outfit posts. Also some awesome giveaways from sponsors or just things I wanted to giveaway. And a little bit of our travels thrown in there too!

my fake short hair tutorial found here
Thank you so much for stopping by, I love meeting new friends!  Make sure you leave a note so I can visit you as well!

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Black Friday Deals! **Handmade Shops!**

If you are awake enough and out of your turkey coma to be awake or aware today, you might be interested in some shopping!  After all, today is the most popular day!

Personally, I don't have an Etsy shop. But I admire every woman who has put herself out there and decided to go for it and start a shop! Here are some lovely shops that are hosting a special today for Black Friday! Have a look around and get some Christmas shopping done!!

Avery's Loft - 25% off entire store - use code: FRIDAY25
Sunshine Stitch  40% off ready to ship items use code: blackfriday, 20% custom orders use code: crazysales
ShenanAagains 25% off through Monday use code: THANKS
Peas & Carrots
Moriah Makes - 30% off BLACKFRIDAY
Fabulously Flawed - 30% ITSFRIDAY
Two Bees Creations 15% off entire sale use code: FIRSTSALE

I will be posting more for Cyber Monday sales later this weekend.  Lots of deals!

I don't know about your guys, but I am doing some shopping today! And all from the comfort of my own home. ahhh I love the internet and the handmade community!

Fun Shopping!

Oh and the winner of the Avery's Loft giveaway is.........

Kristie from Bonhomie Jewelry!!

I have e-mailed you both! :)

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

To be honest with you, I haven't been really thinking about Thanksgiving.

Yes, I am American.  But as you might know, I am living in France.  They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here.  They really don't even know what it is about.  So needless to say, my boy is at school, my husband is at a dental appointment and then later practice and I am home hanging out with my little hurricane. (I am sure you can guess where he gets that name... you should see my house.)

This time last year, I was aching for my family.  It was so hard to read all the Thanksgiving posts on Facebook about yummy food and good times with family.  This year, I am doing a bit better.  There is an away game this weekend, it seems like they always have an away game Thanksgiving weekend!  So we have planned our own version of Thanksgiving, a kinda sorta Thanksgiving.  Sunday we will be decorating the house for Christmas!! Eating fried chicken, corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies and some pumpkin bread.  (husband doesn't like pumpkin pie... weird I know.)  We will have four cultures represented at our faux-Thanksgiving, so I guess you can't really call it a Thanksgiving at all!

So today, probably like many others, I thought I would count my blessings.  I have so many I am truly thankful for, I really am feeling the blessings today!

1.) My husband.  He loves me.  He protects me.  He tries to care about what I care about (he's just not that into beauty).  He works so incredibly hard for his family.  He loves his boys.  He is an excellent dad.  He does the hard stuff when he has to because he knows it is best for us.  He makes sacrifices.  And my absolute favorite?  He is always, always, working on being a better man, husband, and father.  What more could I ask for?

2.) My boys.  My beautiful, healthy, crazy, dirty, messy, loud, silly, funny, tall, wonderful boys.  I wouldn't change either one of them a bit, imperfections and all.  God made them so beautiful in their own unique ways.

3.) We have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and people to love.

4.) We have incredible friends and family all over the world!

5.) I have some amazing women back home whom I am blessed to call friends.  They love, care, and think about me even when I am oceans away.

6.)  I know the Lord.  He has blessed me in all these areas and so much more!

7.) Family.  My family and Var's family are truly a perfect fit into our lives.  We are thankful for them in their different ways.

8.) And finally, risking sounding super-cheesy, this blog and the friends I have made through it!  Who knew you could have such close friends you have never met??  It keeps me sane in my crazy life.  Thank you!

I think that sums it up.  I am so blessed beyond words, but I don't want to go on forever.  I honestly hope that you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving full of laughter and love!!

I am sounding super sentimental today, aren't I??  I just LOVE you, man!!


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Makeup Favaorites ~ Part one

Today I bring to you some of my favorite makeup choices, both expensive and drug store brands.  Sometimes it is justified to spend more than normal on a key beauty product!!

Let's start with the eyes.  For the expensive version of mascara, I use Christian Dior, DiorShow.  Hands down the best I have ever tried.  However, as of late I have not been very impressed with this mega label.  It has been a little dry for my taste and doesn't elongate like it used to.  Funny enough, I am not the only person who has mentioned that!

My inexpensive, drug store brand that I have been loving is Luminous by L'Oreal.  It is inexpensive and definitely does the job.  I might be faithful to this one for a while!

How about shadows?  Well, you might have guessed from the many times I have mentioned it, but I truly love me some Eyes Lips Face.  It is truly affordable ($1 people!) and does a great job.

For the more expensive version, I would go with MAC.  Love their products overall, but the shadows are great. Unfortunately, because this is in the more expensive category, I don't own very many... boo.

Now for the lips.  I have been very into wearing bold lips lately.  my absolute favorite is a bright pink by MAC called Show Orchid.  It is beautiful.  I bought it on a recent trip to LA when I was feeling empowered in the London Airport.  I spent the whole flight trying to come up with ways to justify this to the husband and found none.  Then I stopped trying to justify it and just embraced it and it turns out, he didn't say a thing!  Just "oh, that's what you bought in the airport.  I was thinking magazines couldn't have been that expensive."

My less expensive favorite for bold lips is by Maybelline called Very Cherry.  Sometimes I mix this with a e.l.f. color called Posh for a deeper red.

Well, what do you think?  These are just a few, and I will be sure to post a follow up with some other beauty favs of mine.

What are your favorites?  Inexpensive or otherwise.  I am always looking for a new buy, especially in the inexpensive department.  :)  But I still want to hear what you splurge on!

Happy Tuesday!!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Kardashian style Chignon ~ Hair Tutorial

First and foremost, I would LOVE for you to take a minute and visit my friend Amy's Facebook page for her new shop Avery's Loft.  I know all you fellow creatives understand how it can be starting off and I would love it if some MNM readers (that's you guys!) could show her some love.  Go ahead, I'll wait...

Thank you!!  You guys are truly awesome!  You can enter her giveaway here to win a cute pair of boot cuffs for winter.  I can't wait to get my pair!  Make sure you leave a separate entry for each comment!

Now, I am not a big Kim K fan, she kinda pimps herself out too much for me, but she is stylish a lot of the time, and you can catch a cute hair-do in there every once in a while too.  I loved her chignon and I don't know who that is on the right.  Anyone know?

The video I have is kinda a cute video tutorial.  You can wear it to the lower side, like I did in the video, or you can wear it up high kinda Kim Kardashian-ish.  I have worn it both ways and love it.  Get this, the video is less than two minutes.  A hair tutorial in less than two minutes??  Yep!  I hope you enjoy!

It's my first time making a stop-motion video, so I know it isn't perfect. But the cute French song makes up for it, doesn't it?

Happy Monday!!

I will be linking this up to all my linky parties featured here!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Introducing ~ Avery's Loft! & a giveaway!

I am so excited about this today.  I would like to introduce to you my good friend Amy.  She is such a sweet person, one I am sure you would all love to know.  She has been such a good friend to me while I have been living overseas and anyone who has lived away from friends and family can understand how much that means.  Well, she has opened an Etsy shop!!

She is a very talented crocheter, knitter, and all around crafty woman!  Her works is very intricate and beautiful, something you might find in Anthropologie.  Here are some of my favorites:

Considering the fact that I just cut off some sleeves to an old sweatshirt and I am using those as my boot cuffs, I am so happy mine are on the way!!

My beautiful friend Christie modeling some headbands.  I have the one on the right and I love it. 
And for Christmas she has created a few items.  These above are crocheted ornaments.  She crochets around the ornament, isn't that beautiful?  She also have a beautiful garland and a vintage style ornament as well.

Do you want to know what you can win?  I must say, I think you should be excited for this one.  You can win your choice of one pair of Boot Cuffs!!  Perfect for winter!

 Let's make the entries easy:

1.) Follow my blog here and tell me which item you would love to have.
2.) Head over and 'Like' Avery's Loft on Facebook.  Say hi and tell her I sent ya!
3.) Tweet, Facebook, or blog about this giveaway.  Feel free to use the following tweet:
"I entered to win Avery's Loft giveaway over @natalialsimmons blog.  Would love to win! Check it out here!"

If you just can't wait for the giveaway, or you have your eyes on something else, Amy is giving 20% off to all of you by using MANOUVELLEMODE at check out!!  

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Winner of the Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway is.......

Amy Bender
Sarah B. From Yes, Teacher Crafts!  
I will be e-mailing you both!

And in case you were wondering, the winner of the Sunshine Stitch Giveaway is...

Shazia Baker!!

Congrats winners!! 


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