Advertising Opportunites

Advertising opportunities at Ma Nouvelle Mode!!!

Interesting in promoting your shop, buisness, or blog?? Come sponsor Ma Nouvelle Mode!

27,000 Page Views last month
averaging  1,200 page views a day (according to Google Analytics)
Visitors spend an average of 2:10 on my blog, browsin' around
over 630 readers as of 2/18/12
568 twitter followers
408 Facebook Likes
69 followers in Bloglovin

Readership and views are growing daily and I would love to have you along for the ride!

Here is what a couple of awesome ladies have had to say about sponsoring here:

Elise Ostermann from Hey, Sweet Pea had this to say:

"I loved guest posting on Natalia's blog! She is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet, but also very creative, driven, and inspiring. She really cares about her readers, the guest posts she has, and the content she posts. I think it's a great blog to buy ad space from,  guest blog on, or sponsor in any way! A couple months ago Natalia allowed me to guest blog and concurrently hold ad space. When checking my FB page stats, a lot of the new likes and referrals I received during that time were from her blog. I would definitely recommend partnering with her blog, because it's the whole package!!"

Amy from Avery's Loft had this to say:

 It was a great experience working with Ma Nouvelle Mode and after looking at sources of likes I got at least 50 new Facebook likes from you in one week.  I love working with you and your followers are great. I also appreciate the support through Facebook status updates, tweets, etc.  

Here are your options:

Large ad ~ $25/month
Feature post and/or giveaway
Each post and giveaway goes through all avenues mentioned above
Multiple tweets and Facebook posts a month
220x220 sidebar button

Medium ad ~ $17/month
Group post and/or group giveaway
Each post goes through avenues mentioned above
Tweets and Facebook mentions promoting your feature/ post
220x150 sidebar button

Small ad ~ $10/month
Group post mention of your blog/shop
One Tweet and Facebook mention for the month
220x100 sidebar button

I am always open to unique advertising opportunities and new ideas to promote your shop or business.
If you have something you would like me or my boys to review, feel free to contact me about it.  If I feel like it is a good fit for my blog, I will let you know!
I will also be reserving a few spots for an ad swap, but they will be on a first come, first serve basis.
Please feel free to e-mail me at natalia{at}manouvellemode{dot}com with any questions, comments or thoughts!  I always love to hear from you!


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