Friday, March 30, 2012

Crafts at Ma Nouvelle Mode

Now we aren't a craft blog, nor do we claim to be.  There are so many blogs out there with women who are crafty beyond my wildest dreams.  As much as I wish I could craft like that and be so resourceful, I can't.  It's just not in my blood.  Know your strengths, ladies, know your strengths!  We have, however, done a few around these parts and today I'd like to share a few!

The first one deserves to be first because, well, it's awesome.  Christie had made these beautiful rustic oversized paper bag flowers and they were a hit.  They were pinned and repinned a bazillion times and Tip Junkie even featured them!  They are easy and cheap but add so much!

Not that much compares to these beautiful flowers, but the next craft is something I did a while back and still have hanging in my home.  It is a decopaughed canvas wall art. Also very easy and relatively cheap, I liked the way it turned out and how it hangs with my photos, the few that I do have.

Well that is all we have for you today.  But don't worry, we have a lot up our sleeves for you in the very near future!  I mean, if we're being entirely honest, there won't be a ton of DIY projects, although I have a few up my sleeve.  I feel like that should be left to the professionals!

Stay tuned, Monday is our relaunch... YAY!!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recipes at Ma Nouvelle Mode

Food.  Aahhhh food.  How I love thee and loath thee at the same time.  Since I am a lover of good food and cooking, we like to share yummy recipes here for you all to try and love as well.  Some of them are mine but most, I must admit come from the real professionals in the kitchen.  Like Martha Stewart.  She's the best.

But today I am going to share some of my favorites from our recipe archives, I hope you find one or two you can put to good use!

We gotta start with Strawberry pie.  For one, it's delicious. And two: it's strawberry season!!

Our most popular recipe, however, was our creamy potato soup.  With good reason though!  It's fabulous!  You might not need it any time soon with the weather looking so beautiful, but stock this one away for a cold rainy evening.

These white chocolate raspberry cookies are some of my favorites.  And they're pretty too!

We have quite a few more recipes you can browse through in our recipe archives.  You probably won't find anything that isn't easy, fast, and yummy!

Hope your week is treating you great!  We are still hard at work on our relaunch Monday!! Can't wait! :)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Recap

Okay, so this is kinda embarressing...  I am looking back through our fashion/outfit posts only to see that the last time I posted one was February 10th.  Blogger FAIL.  I am blaming it on the snow and the traveling and the fact that I lost my camera battery charger.  How does that even happen, you might ask? No.clue.

Moving on.

Here are some of our recent looks.  Christie restyled a summer dress to be perfect in the winter.
And I love, love, love these mint green pants she rocked which are so perfect for spring.
My last post I rocked my new favorite shirt/dress that I purchased while in Sweden this year.  I love it.  It is warm and comfy and can be worn with jeans or tights.  It is a perfect European sweater.
I did get to visit Sweden and took some outfit pictures then too.  That was a fun trip!  Makes me want to do more, but I am pretty sure I have maxed out my travel budget this year.  Thanks husband! ;)

You can continue looking through our fashion statements in our archives here.   Hopefully you will find some inspiration of some sort!

Thank you for reading as always, and we hope you come back next week for our big relaunch!  Week long party of giveaways and awesomeness all wrapped up into one!  You're welcome.  :)

Have a great day!

We're linked up to The Pleated Poppy and The Letter 4.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty Tips

Wouldn't it be nice to have all your beauty tips and tricks in one spot?  Well today I am going to highlight some of our favorites here at Ma Nouvelle Mode.  These are tutorials we have done in the past and since Christie and I are preparing for our big relaunch next week, we are recapping a bunch of fun stuff for you this week!  Let's get started!

This first one was a really fun post to do.  We were selected to as a part of Daily Buzz: Style's top 9 for a day to night makeup challenge.  So I did my take on Day to Night makeup ideas.  Here's what I came up with:

Next is one of my favorite makeup posts.  I have recently become obsessed with bold lip colors.  It feels like if I am not wearing a red or a pink, my look is not complete.  Therefore, I had to write a post on How to Wear Bold Lip Colors.  It was featured on The SITS Girls as well!  I had fun with it because I did a little stop-motion video to go a long with it.  I am no professional and do not claim to be, but I thought it was cute, and the French music definitely helped it along!

I also wrote a post back in December about my waxing experience here in France.  It's rather funny, because it's a rather funny experience!  But if you get a chance to read it, make sure you also check out the comments as well, people are hilarious!

That's all for today folks, hope you enjoyed it and have a great day!

We'll be linking up to all the parties here.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hair Ideas

Happy Monday Everyone!

If you didn't already know, Christie and I are re-launching Ma Nouvelle Mode next week with a new design, move to wordpress, and a whole lot of awesome!  We are really excited to reveal everything to you.  In the meantime, as we are working so hard to prepare, we have decided to take this week off from new posts.  This does not mean that we will be around or even have posts!  We wouldn't want to leave anyone hanging!  So instead we decided to do a little recap of some of our favorite posts in some of the categories we write about.

And what a better way to start a Monday than with hair ideas!  We have done quite a few and they seem to be ever so popular, so in case you missed them or are a new reader or just need a refresher, here are some of our favorites.

No Heat Curls is the most popular so far with over 1,600 views on YouTube.

Our second viewed is my high bun with poof.  I love this one because it is easy to do and cute but you hair is still up and out of your face.

Here is one of my personal favorites, because I love big hair and all, Sarah Jessica Parker big hair.  It's so fun and easy!

This next hairstyle I personally loved.  I did it in Fall, so I called it a fall hairstyle, but really it's perfect whenever!
Here's the video for it:

Last one I will share is more recent and is Christie's first hair tutorial!  I loved it and it has done really well on YouTube as well.  It is how to style loose curls on short hair.  In fact, it got featured over at 30 Handmade Days for most viewed!  Here is the picture:
And here is the video:

Need some more ideas?  We have plenty!  (And SO much more to come!) Take a minute and peruse our hair archives for some more inspiration!

And stay tuned!! Next week is the big relaunch!! :)  Happy Monday!

We are going to be linking up this post to all our link parties here.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 years Old

Yesterday my baby turned five.

Well, I guess he isn't my baby anymore.

I put together this little video of him growing up.  I loved it, but then again, I'm his mom.  So this post might be more for friends and family, but heck, I think he's a cool kid, and I'm proud of him.  I'm gonna post it!!

Happy Weekend!  We're off to celebrate!  What are you up to this weekend?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thoughts on Easter

Well Easter is coming in just a couple weeks and I had prepared to do a little baking activity about how to teach your small children about Christ's resurrection. However, my "Resurrection Rolls" did not turn out too good and I did not feel they were worthy of your viewing. Instead I have decided to share something very personal with you and I pray you bear with me.

This Easter season has been very difficult for my family. I just waved goodbye to my husband and sweet kids as they head out for the weekend to say farewell to a beloved Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
This photo was taken just days before dear Joanne was taken from this world suddenly due to cancer.

Not even two weeks ago did I say kiss my family goodbye as I flew up north to say farewell to my sweet 19 year old cousin, who was unable to win his battle against drugs and was taken from this earth too soon due to drug related causes.
This photo was taken 2 1/2 years ago on Fourth of July

Death is very painful...It does not feel natural for a loved one to be taken from us....It should not feel natural!  Because we were not created for death. So we rage against it, I rage against it. And then I take comfort in the promises of God, that even though sin and death have entered this world Jesus has made a way for us by dying on the cross  in our place so that we may live as His child eternally in heaven... 

"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” 
John 16:33

And it is not enough that Jesus just died, but he also ROSE from the grave and conquered death! And this is why we celebrate EASTER!! Because even though there is pain and suffering, and even though my dearest loved ones died, both of them believed in what Christ did for them and both of them have found relief from their afflictions in the arms of Christ. DEATH HAS LOST IT'S STING!! 

This post has been difficult for me to write and feel there is so much I want to say but have no words to say them. As I sit here in tears (of sorrow and of joy) I think of these lyrics to one of my favorite Easter songs:
"Oh Death, where is your sting? Oh Hell, where is your victory? Oh Church come stand in the Light. The glory of God has defeated the night. Oh Death, where is your sting? Oh Hell, where is your victory? Oh Church come stand in the Light. Our God is not dead He's Alive, He's Alive!!"

I appreciate all you readers who I just bore a bit of my soul too. I want you to know that I would not have done so if I did not feel like you were all my friends. I love this community and I am grateful for all of you.

xo - Christie

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Tips for Spring Fashion

Hello, SITS Ladies yet again!  I am once more happy to be here!  Today we are going to talk about fashion for Spring.  Oh, Spring, how I love thee.  And since we've had a ton of snow this winter, (at least for me!) I have been just dreaming of beautiful colors and short skirts and sandals.  Oh, how my feet could use a pair of sandals!

So with these dreams in mind, here is what I am looking forward to this Spring.

Colors!  It's time to bust out the florescents!  That hot pink that didn't seem to work a couple weeks ago, yep.  Put it on!  Want to pair it with orange?  Go for it!  Now is the time that the sun is coming out, the birds are starting to chirp, and you need some color in your life.  Have fun with it, the rainbow is your limit!

Start to show some leg.  This might be a bit scary at first, trust me.  I am whiter than white especially after the long winter months.  And to top it off my black husband and half black kiddos just make me look downright pasty.  But this cannot be remedied without a little exposure to the sun!  If you are still apprehensive about it, try starting out with some sheer nylons to ease into it.

Layers.  If you are anywhere in the world where spring is hesitant to show her beautiful face, start with layers. Layer a baggy t-shirt over a long, fitted tank with a loose fitting sweater over that.  This way, if the weather decides to throw you a changeup, you just slip off that sweater and you're good.  It is also a great way to embrace the new season even if she's being a little shy.  I kinda have a feeling that's what it's gonna look like for me...

Floral.  Spring obviously comes with beautiful flowers.  Why not incorporate them into your wardrobe?  This can also go along with the colors suggestion too!  Bright florals, together and separate!  Either way, it is a fun, feminine way to brighten things up!

I hope these pointers have gotten you a little excited about spring weather that will *hopefully* be at our doorstep soon!  In the meantime, I think it's time for a shopping trip... it's always good to be prepared!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 22 Hour Travel Day with the Boys

Last Monday at approximately 4:15 PM Tae, Eli, and I boarding a flight to Germany.  Said flight happens to be about 11 hours and it was not our final destination.  Needless to say, it was a long day!  I know I am not the first momma to fly with her kids and most certainly not the first to do it alone, but let me tell you, it is quite a feat.  With a husband or without, for 2 hours or for 10 these moms/parents need awards.  Or some form of compensation for services rendered.  How about I just leave my paypal address at the bottom of this post for those of you who feel really sorry for me. :)

But since most of you lucky people don't have to have 20 hour travel days with two kids and no help, I thought I would put together a little post of our experience.  I tried to video as we went along to give you a little idea of our journey.  Tae is a trooper.  He has been flying internationally since he was 5 months old and it is old hat to him.  Eli has also been flying internationally since he was 5 months old.  He, unlike his brother, has a little more of a difficult of a time.  He may or may not have rolled around on the floor at the airport whining and yelling no... at no one.

So there is snippets of our journey.  Sorry the quality is not that great, they were all taken with my iPhone.  I just wanted to capture our travels for something fun to share with you all and also something to have for our family.

I think I am going to follow this post up with travel tips.  One with kids and one without.  Actually the post about traveling without kids would be pretty short.  Take three Tylenol PMs and wake up at your destination.  Not that I have ever done that before...

Any travel questions for me?  Anything you would like to see answered or suggestions given?  I would love to hear them!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Second Trimester Update and Weird Symptoms

O.K. I will admit it now. (I just don't love being pregnant, don't hate). What brings me to this point all of a sudden you ask? Maybe its the fact that my stomach is finally popping, but I am actually excited for all the belly bump fashion looks I have in mind. Or maybe it's the fact that all my other weird pregnancy symptoms have finally kicked in....yes, I am sure that is it.

And just for fun, I am going to tell you about my pregnancy weirdness :) Enjoy

Weirdness #1- My Boobs Itch-  I am sure it is from the fact that I gain over 2 cup sizes by the end of my      pregnancies...weird nonetheless

Weirdness #2- I Break Things- No seriously! This is an actual proven symptom (something to do with loosening of the tendons) I am constantly dropping dishes, jars, picture frames, etc. My husband has gotten cleaning up glass down to a science. 

Weirdness #3- I Get Bloody Noses- I never ever get a bloody nose unless I am pregnant......

Weirdness #4- Insomnia :( This is the saddest one. It is not because I am uncomfortable and cannot sleep like many pregnant women experience. This is legitimate insomnia! And it happens every time.

Weirdness #5- Dairy makes me Constipated..... It has taken me 3 pregnancy to put two and two together on this one but boy am I glad I finally figured it out.

And Just to even the score I will share some pregnancy awesomeness as well

Awesomeness #1- My Boobs are bigger! Duh! 

Awesomeness #2- My Hair is Thicker

Awesomeness #3- My Husband Cleans the House- I have a sneaking suspicion this is a direct side effect of  #1, but I have never asked.....

Awesomeness #4- Love feeling the baby flutter and kick!- I don't love it so much once it becomes a battle between my lungs and the baby's personal space but for now it is awesome

Boy or Girl!? Next time I update I will know the answer!! Xoxo- Christie

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WIW-Second Trimester Fashion

So I have been pretty excited to wear some of my "baby bump" outfits I have been cooking up. Problem is my baby bump is avoiding an appearance. We think this baby may be standing up and hanging on to my rib cage. 
Anyways, this little ensemble was pieced almost entirely together via the Goodwill. I feel as though I have been given a new lease on fashion now that I have opened up the thrift store door. I only wish I lived a little closer to Santa Monica or Santa Barbara and this would be a weekly shopping trip.

Blouse: Jones New York via Goodwill, Skirt: Goodwill (tag ripped out) Belt: Angl, Tights and booties: Target

Just a little secret- this skirt was about 13 sizes too big on me, but I felt like it gathered in just the right places under my belt. 

This is the perfect second trimester look! All you preggos out there, if you have a flowy skirt try pulling it up over your baby bump and adding a belt. Automatic cuteness!
Have a wonderful week! xoxo- Christie
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Blog Positivity Week

photo credit: s'Wonderful Photography
Blog Positivity Week.  Positivity - which is apparently not a word and my spell checker is going crazy.  Either way, we get the idea.  Be positive.  Ashley from After Nine to Five had this super awesome idea to have a week of positivity throughout the blogging world.  I think it is an excellent idea, which is why we joined, however it's a bummer we are even on this subject, which means some people are just kinda rude.

I love the blogging world.  It has been tremendously fun getting to know people from all over the world and having a connection with them just through the internet.  But why, oh why, does blogging have to feel like high school all over again??  If you're not in the 'cool crowd' don't even bother talking to those kids.  If you don't have a certain number of friends/followers, you're not cool enough or worth my time.  It is SO SAD people!  Make friends, be nice, reach out, it is so worth it!  This world is about community, support, friendship, not a competition!!

So let's spread the love this week.  Leave an awesome comment on that blog you always read but never have a chance to comment on.  Send an e-mail to a blogger who has encouraged you recently, or ever!  I guarantee they would LOVE to read it!  Heck, get an address and send a care package, how awesome would that be?

Let's share the love, ladies.  Share the love.

Have a great week! :)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Live, Laugh, Love & a Giveaway

Remember last week when we talked about timeless jewelry and how you can wear it just about everyday?  I mentioned that my favorite pieces were my Lisa Leonard Neckalce with my boys' names on it and my Tiffany's bracelet.  I love that bracelet because it is timeless.  It will always be classy and always be in style.

Well today we have the lovely Mindie Hilton from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo.  She hosts a super fun linky party where anything goes, we all love that!  And guess what, she makes beautiful jewelry!  I love her shop because she has a plethora of items for everyone.  I love this necklace and this one for all you sewing women out there!  If have have had a chance to take a look around her shop, you will notice that everything is a great price!!  That is my kind of Etsy shop.  She also have an ongoing promotion for every three pieces you buy, you get one free.  How super sweet is that?

But today we have something special for ya.  One piece in particular she has created specially for one lucky winner!!  I know, so exciting, what a great way to start your week, right?
Now since I know you would all love a beautiful bracelet like this one, we've made the entries super easy.  Make sure you click read more to see the rafflecopter entry form and take it from there!


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