Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty Tips

Wouldn't it be nice to have all your beauty tips and tricks in one spot?  Well today I am going to highlight some of our favorites here at Ma Nouvelle Mode.  These are tutorials we have done in the past and since Christie and I are preparing for our big relaunch next week, we are recapping a bunch of fun stuff for you this week!  Let's get started!

This first one was a really fun post to do.  We were selected to as a part of Daily Buzz: Style's top 9 for a day to night makeup challenge.  So I did my take on Day to Night makeup ideas.  Here's what I came up with:

Next is one of my favorite makeup posts.  I have recently become obsessed with bold lip colors.  It feels like if I am not wearing a red or a pink, my look is not complete.  Therefore, I had to write a post on How to Wear Bold Lip Colors.  It was featured on The SITS Girls as well!  I had fun with it because I did a little stop-motion video to go a long with it.  I am no professional and do not claim to be, but I thought it was cute, and the French music definitely helped it along!

I also wrote a post back in December about my waxing experience here in France.  It's rather funny, because it's a rather funny experience!  But if you get a chance to read it, make sure you also check out the comments as well, people are hilarious!

That's all for today folks, hope you enjoyed it and have a great day!

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Kelly said...

BEST STORY EVER!!!!! Well maybe the waxing story rivals the woman who got a massage in Thailand!!!!!!! THAT is crazy!!! I know the men in the USAF get a "special briefing" about massages in that part of the world...so...I can't say i'm surprised! Ha!

MiMi said...

I remember that waxing story! LOL


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