Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway!! Tutus and Bows!!

Guess what everyone!!  I have something special for ya!  One of my lovely sponsors is here today to tell you about her beautiful shop!  Her kids are adorable (mixed kids are the cutest, hehe) and I am so lucky I don't have a girl because I would be broke buying up all these bows and tutus!!  You have got to read on and check out her stuff.  It is beautiful and really well made.  I guess I could get some for my niece...

Hello Everyone,
My name is Suze from Time Well Spent, and I am originally from Haiti. In an interesting turn of events, I found myself living in the Mountain West of the United States. Being in a different environment took a little time for adapting, but I'm loving it here. I have two beautiful children(a 3 years old boy and an 18 months old sassy & bossy girl) who keep me busy most of the time and married to the most amazing man (November 2006). I love making bows, photography, sewing ( just started) and scrapbooks.
Actually, let me tell you when I started making bows. It all began when our family had a bit of a shock! Our second child was supposed to be another boy, but lo and behold, the doctor pulled out a girl! From that moment I have enjoyed the process of raising a little princess. In anticipation of when she would have a head of hair... (She is getting there)... I started to make hair bows and all things girly. 
So now, I am a total bows and tutus addict, but wouldn't have any other way! My daughter has about three hair bows holders full with hair accessories   ( in the process of making her a four one, need more room) and about 5...6...ok 12 tutus and I even have one too, it was for Halloween,[don't judge me]or was it...?!
Recently, I decided to open a Etsy shop and share my passion with everyone...In the hope that they will pay for themselves and I can always continue making them knowing that some little one is enjoying having them. Hope, I haven't bored you guys to death, so here are some stuff you will find in the shop
 Belts and Matching bows
 Flower Bows and much more.

She has graciously offered to give one lucky reader 15% off her shop.  Don't worry, the giveaway is only a week long, so then you can get to shopping!  Here's how you enter...
~ Follow me here at Ma Nouvelle Mode

Extra Entries
~ Like me on Facebook
~ Tweet about the giveaway. You can use this tweet: Just entered the Time Well Spent Giveaway at @natalialsimmons blog. Check it out

Hope you win! I am telling my sister-in-law to enter. So cute!


Tracy said...

I'm a follower! Your blog is looking great, by the way!

Mr. Martial Arts said...

Love your blog! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Entered! Just tweeted about it! And...just for the record, you ALWAYS have the go ahead to get Emma any bows, tutus or other fun girly things your heart desires to get your girly fix! We always love the fun girly presents from Auntie Tali!

MiMi said...

LOVE the new layout!

Tara Haidinger said...

I'm a follower.

Tara H

Tara Haidinger said...

I follow Time Well Spent.

Tara H


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