Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

As you might know from Monday's post, we just got back from a super awesome vacation.  I had so much fun and most of all, my boys loved every second of it.  And that makes me happy.  But, between piles of laundry for 4 people, recovering from not the greatest sleep, and playing hard all week, I haven't really had a lot of outfits to take pictures of.  I didn't want to bore you with shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits which is all I wore in Yosemite.  So here is what I got peeps.
This outfit I just threw together because I wanted to wear my red earrings with my hair pulled back like this.  So to wear them, I wanted a black top.  So I threw on some jeans and heals and called it an outfit.  Then I thought red lipstick needed to go with red earrings, so I threw that on too.  But to tone to down to match, I dabbed my lips after applying and added a coral-ish gloss.  And there you have it.  A tiny peek into the mind of a multi-tasker.

So I have been totally into finding new hairstyles.  My main goal is to find hair styles with as little effort as possibly for the biggest gain.  And by gain, I mean the hottest I can possibly look in 5 minutes flat.  Still searching for that one, but hey it is also a fun process.  So have one style pretty much down pat.  Simple beach curls right when you wake up in the morning.  Love it.
With my 'no heat curls' hair
Then I came up with this one.  It is a twist into a bun.  I don't have a tutorial yet because I want to do a video, but stay tuned.  It is easy and fun, perfect effortless 'do. 
I kinda missed the 'perfect light' for these photos, but I thought they still looked pretty cool.  Below is a peek at the hair.  I am loving this, how about a hair series or something??  Thoughts?
Hope you all are out there living life to the fullest and enjoy every last drop of summer! 

Have a great day!

I am linking up to Pleated Poppy, Real Momma Real Style, and No Model Lady.


Sarah said...

I've been loving your hair suggestions, a whole series sounds great! I come from a family of very short haired women. . as a consequence they never knew or could teach me what I could do with my long hair. Plus I don't have the patience for more than 5 minutes of styling :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bun. I wish I could braid (or twist?) like that! Have you ever checked out the My Yellow Sandbox blog? She has some great hair tutorials.

I love the outfits, too! Especially the pants in your first set of pics.

Found you through No Model Lady. :0)

trininista said...

Love the twist with the bun! Pretty

Emily said...

Love the hair in the last pic how did you do that? I have really long hair and am always looking for a fun way to do it.

Sara Sophia said...

Perfect! Love the pretty hair...you've inspired me to stare into the mirror for at least an hour and attempt a hairstyle ;)

Needless to say I'd love a few tutorials :D


Grammy Goodwill said...

You look great in that skirt!

No Model Lady said...

Oh man that hair is wicked cool!! You are stunning, by the way!

Kristin B said...

fabulous hair~

Ashley said...

Super cute outfits lady! ;)

Babymama said...

Great outfits - great pics.
Love the hair!!

Jodi said...

Very cute outfits, and like the others said, hair!! :)


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