Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Smashion Experience

Have you ever bought something you thought would be cute in the store only to come home and find it just doesn't fit right?  Then because you lost the receipt or waited too long to return it, you just have it sitting there in your closet??  (don't pretend like I am the only one who has done that!)  Well, have I got a place for you! 

I am sure at this point you have heard of  You might have seen it here on my blog when I recapped a bit last Saturday.  Well, I am proud to have them sponsoring Ma Nouvelle Mode and I can't wait to tell you about my experience.

First of all, what is Smashion?  Let me give you the definition as seen on their website.  

Smashion® is a social fashion commerce site that enables users to mix and match new and pre-loved fashion items to create individual looks. At Smashion, we promote a new fashion lifestyle that celebrates value, style, and individualism. 

You can find everything from head to toe, literally!  Hats, shoes, jewelry, jeans, they even have makeup!  I was browsing around and here were some of my favs.
Beautiful and fun pearl necklace
I started this blog to help myself feel 'cute' again.  To find a way to be a mom, put myself together, and make my hubby proud, all the while feeling better about myself.  I am so happy to have found Smashion because not only do they have a lot of great styles for great (and I really mean great, ladies) prices, but they have forums you can participate in, a gallery of people just like us you can peruse for fashion trends, and even an update on some very cool fashion blogs!
Obviously I am biased to this little guy! Who can resist a little Eiffel Tower!
I reeealllly want this one.  Only 18 bucks, I should have got it.  Should I get it?  I think so too!  Thanks ladies!
So I am learning to find my own style and embrace what I like to wear and what I think is cute.  And you know what has been the biggest inspiration??  Bloggers like you and places like Smashion where I can see everyday women, working mothers, stay-at-home moms, you name it, doing their best to find their style and ROCKIN' IT!!

So I bought these bad boys.  Different, I know, but red.  Nothing says va-va-voom like red.
So when I say there is something for everyone at Smashion, believe me!!  I had so much fun looking around and shopping all the stores.  You all should check it out!  Let me know if you buy or have bought something, I would love to feature it!

Have a great Thursday ladies!!!


Brittany said...

How cool is that?!?! I have never heard of Smashion! And I must say, I LOVE the pearl necklace and the killer red earrings!!!

Anonymous said...

i love smashion! im so glad to have found them recently! :)

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I had never heard of them! :) I love the pearl neckalce! :) thanks for sharing

Love, Vanilla

trininista said...

I have the orange and bronze to those red earrings. They are so hot. When I am back to being employed, I may check out that site!

MiMi said...

I need to check this out!!

Miss-ology said...

I'll be on this site all day long - do you want to get me fired?! HAHA - no, really what a great site Smashion is. I'll be sharing with some friends.

Jennifer said...

Well looks cool! I'll for sure check it out! And should buy the bag! And love the earrings!! I lean alot towards big earrings and no necklace!

xoxhaylee said...

Hi! I'm a new reader, and I have also never heard of Smashion... so I signed up & used you as a referral!
Thanks for the link!


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