Friday, September 30, 2011

My 22 hour flight with 2 boys

We did it.  All our stuff {that we need} made it into the suitcases and now we're here. 

So here is a little window into the world of traveling/moving internationally with two small children.  And if you've been reading my blog long, you know that by small, I mean young, because in no way are my kids small.

We left for LAX at 2:00pm Wednesday afternoon.  Four suitcases, 4 carry-ons, 1 car seat, 1 stroller, 2 kids and a momma, we were ready to go.  Well as ready as we could be.
Trying to sqeeuze orselves into an elevator... We almost made it!

So we kinda have a tradition. We check all our luggage in and walk upstairs have have some food and relax before I have to start my awesome journey. My parents always take me to the airport and it's become kinda a thing of ours.  I think it's funny/super awesome that we travel enough to make it a tradtion.
The funniest {well, funny now, looking back} is when we had to go through security. I have two kids who just said bye to their grandparents and weren't happy about it. Needless to say, I was sad too, I like my parents. So I am struggling to get all my luggage onto the security check thing and Eli makes a run for my parents. After running after him, letting him say bye one more time, and then getting back in line, Tae now wants to say bye again. But Grammy and Papi, who have realized at this point it might not be a great idea to be standing by because the boys will keep running to them, had left. So Tae ran to say bye and they were gone. Ok, one person crying
Finally everything is on the scanner.  Computer is taken out, no one is wearing shoes and it is time to pass through.  I go first with Eli.  BEEP BEEP. Whoops, forgot to take out my cell phone "you have to go through again, ma'am."  I had over my cell phone and walk through again.  Phew, we're good. I put Eli down to wait for Tae.

Tae's turn.  He beeps too.  What they heck?  Oh ya, he took my european cell phone earlier and put it in his pocket to have one too.  Tae, hand me the cell phone.  But as I did this, I put my hand through the security again to grab the phone.  "I'm sorry, ma'am, you're going to have to go through again."

"what??  ugh, okay."  So I walk through again, without Eli, hand over the other phone and get ready to go again.  Wait, why is the alarm going off.  No one is even walking through.  What is going on?

"Ma'am, you're going to have to get your kid.  He is setting off the alarm."  I look down and Eli is stuck between the sensor and the pole crying, trying to get his binkie.  Who knows how his binkie got there, but of course it did.  I literally had to drag Eli out of there.  2 people crying.

BEEP BEEP BEEP.  Yep, I beeped again.  I have NO IDEA what set that beeper off, but I do know that it set me off.  Now we are 3 people crying.  wow, all three of us crying within the first 15 minutes, do we get some kind of award or something??

Then nice security man tells me; "Ma'am, we're going to have to pat you down." 

"That is fine, whatever, I just want to get through." I mumble, between sobs.

"Just let her through, Joe, she's fine."


Then there was a lovely lady who talked to Tae the entire time after when I was trying to get my things and I think it helped him a bit.  She lied to him and told him she would be flying the plane, but whatever.  He'll never know...

Okay, so we made it.  Between loading up all our stuff to make a bathroom run, to breaking the toilet seat covers in the airplane bathroom, we had some experiences.  But all in all, we got on the plane and got ready for the long flight ahead.  That means snacks...

We had a 4 hour lay over in Madrid.  Guess what they had there...
A full on, free play place!!!!!!!!!  The boys were in heaven.  Eli was cracking up and Tae was loving it.  And guess what, I read a little.  I just can't even tell you how special that was.

And so here we are.  Exhausted and still adjusting, but happy.  Happy to be in France.  Happy to see daddy {who had to leave for a game today, BOO}.  Happy to have a new yard to run around and play in.  Also excited for the new opportunities we have waiting for us this year.
Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, they were appreciated and most definitely helped. 


Kevin and Erica said...

Oh my gosh Natalia, you are super mom! I know it probably wasn't funny at the time but your humor in this post made me laugh :) I'm glad you got there safely & I miss you & the boys already!

Sarah said...

Wow, congratulations on making it!! I have a long haul flight coming up where I have to spend 15 hours in Singapore airport and I don't know how I'm going to stop MYSELF from going absolutely crazy, let alone if I had to do it with two wee boys (cute as they are). Love your sense of humour in the situtation and hope you all get over jetlag quickly!

God bless

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, honey. I'm glad you're there and I love that picture of the boys in their jammies running down the hall. I guess that shows all that you went through was worth it, right? Right? hellooooo? Are you still awake? I'm sorry your hubby had to leave so soon. I hope it wasn't for long. I'm also sorry but I smiled a little when you said now there were three of you crying. I'm glad there were some nice people to help out. Now just relax for a few days. We can read your old blogs while we wait to hear from you. I think I'll check out that one where you cut your hair - oh, wait. No you didn't.

GingerPeachT said...

You deff deserve a super mom award!
That sounds like a crazy trip, I know I would be pulling hairs out.
Glad you made it there safely! Is this the home you were in before or a new one?? Sorry, I'm still a newbie following you hehe

Jennifer said...

All of the super mom awards there are you deserve them!! I truly admire you!! So glad you guys made it safe and sound!!

Gina said...

Glad you made it - you are a super mom for making that trip alone!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

oh wow!

Im so glad your safe and sound now!
what a story!!!

You are an Awesome mama tho!! I would have been crying there with you!

Candice said...

Sounds like an interesting trip to say the least :) Glad you made it safely to France.

MiMi said...

I wish I could have been at LAX to give you all big hugs!
That play place is PERFECT for little kids who are tired from the whole situation.
Too bad they didn't have a bar for mom. LOL!
So glad you made it, I've been thinking about you all week!

Christie Jean said...

Oh Natalia! I kinda got choked up reading this! You are amazing and we are going to miss you guys! So happy for you that you are with Lavar and having another adventure. Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

sheesh what a journey!!! glad you made it back safe :)

Mimzy Wimzy said...

I don't know how you did it! I am not good at flying. I have to take {extra} meds for my anxiety. Hubby tells me to just keep taking them until I'm drooling & he'll carry me onto the plane. Can you tell how much he enjoys flying with me? (Reality check, we've taken 2 trips having to fly & both had issues) You are one very brave Momma!!! Glad you all made it safe!

tiffanyrom {SITS} said...

You really are amazing!

Glad your family is all back in one place- I need to come hang out in France....


Zara said...

Holy Moly Lady!!! I would have cried from the very start. :-)

Glad to hear you are all home safe. :-)

Jenny said...

I'm still giggling about the lady who told your son she would be flying the plane! Glad you all made it safely.

Nicole said...

wow! you are seriously a rockin' awesome mama!

your story of the security line made me totally laugh out loud!


Anonymous said...

Your new name is Super Mom! ☺

MELANIE said...

Wow...I think you've got me beat with International travel drama. I thought being detained in Canada & Italy was bad...I was 16! lol Can't imagine with new security rules and 5 kids....hahaha that's why I travel within the U.S. and we drive.

Glad to see you made it after it all. Look forward to see what you will do with your home and wish you many new blessings your way!

Lucky 7 Design

Jaime G. said...

ooooooohhhhhh! security always makes me nervous, especially when flying with our kiddo. now that we have two, i'm sure i'll be an even bigger ball of mess.
glad to see y'all made it through. and how awesome is that of the madrid airport?!?!

niki d. said...

woowee, honey!! bless your heart. i got tired just reading all that. :) i discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed reading your posts. you seem like such a sweetie pie. good to see you all made it to france safely.

Lindsay said...

Oh wow! And I thought my 13 hour flight to Denmark was bad. You deserve an award!


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