Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I wore, Hair edition

So since I have been on this kick of trying new things with my hair, I thought I would do what I wore Wednesday, hair edition!  Unfortunately, since I am moving out of the country tomorrow, I don't have anything all that exciting. {except for the fact that I am moving out of the country tomorrow!}

This outfit was kinda fun for me because I mixed a bunch of colors that I thought still went.  I love this Transformers shirt from Target.  Tae is jealous, so I got him one.  Not this feminine of course.  It's super cool.  So red shirt, pink shorts, blue necklace and blue plaid shoes.  What do you think?

I took three sections of my hair in the back and twisted them individually and pinned them.  Then I secured them all together. 
Sometimes, when I have time {read: hardly ever} I like to curl my hair with an iron.  This is what it looks like.
Loooooove my owl necklace!
And I am really digging these big flowy shirts.  Super comfy.

I also wore my new headband from La Luce.  I LOVE IT!  And my super cute sister-in-law complimented me on it, so it must be cute.  But I am too lazy/busy to get those pictures off the camera, so that will have to come next week!

What about you, did you do anything interesting to your hair this week?  I am thinking about making The Hair Challenge a monthly thing.  What do you think??

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Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

So cute! It makes me miss my long hair!

Amber said...

You look wonderful honey, you have made me feel very lazy in the hair department. Time for me to step it up I think. Have a safe trip lovely, take care axx

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty! found you through the pleated poppy. can't wait to follow along :)

Lindsay said...

love the hair styles!! i have been trying fun ways to to my hair by pinning and pinning with lots of bobby pins lol
Love your long curled hair...looks gorgeous!!! :)

Lisa said...

you are so lovely!

those eyes! my goodness!

stopping by from the Pleated Poppy!

ChristyB said...

I wish I could fix my hair in different ways like that and it actually look good. Jealous!

MiMi said...

Okay, I like the other comments and I just need to find the "like" button just like facebook. Do you ever feel that way? LOL

Ana said...

You look SO cute with curls! Pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the twisty hair! What do you mean when you say you secured them together...?

Moving tomorrow? Have a safe trip and I can't wait to hear more of your adventures in Paris!

Nicole said...

hey friend!
what awesome adventures you have! kinda reminds me of Hubs and myself.
found your blog through twitter. . . now i can't wait to follow along on your adventures!
happy traveling!

Mariah said...

obviously you have style! Fantastic, you're SO pretty. Loved each outfit. The middle was the best though, great hair!


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