Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest Post ~ Love Ramsey

 Hey all!  I am on my way to good ol' Paris right now so I thought I would feature another blogger I totally love.  Let me introduce you to Ramsey from Love, Ramsey.  From the start I have loved her blog.  Not only are her outfits to die for, but she is funny!  Oh so funny!  You can't not enjoy reading her blog! (you understand, right? good.)  So here is a little bit about Ramsey.  Then, go check her out!

1.) When and why did you start your blog? My blog actually started out as a craft blog back in the day. I just needed a creative outlet since my life is decidedly uncreative 90 percent of the time. As school cracked down on my tushie, I had less time to craft, so I stopped posting for a while. Then I discovered the world of fashion blogging and I thought, “I could do this.” I get dressed anyway {most days, I don’t like to be overly ambitious or anything} and who couldn’t use a little motivation to amp up their wardrobe styling? So I did it. And then, Love, Ramsey was born. And all was sunshine and rainbows because I had finally found a way to balance creativity and time constraints. Then end. Well not really the end because I’m still blogging
away, but the end of the beginning.

2.) Where do you get a lot of your fashion inspiration from? I would say I get inspiration from magazines and catalogues, sometimes movies, and sometimes even from my old outfits. That’s the glory of photographing yourself every day, you can look back and see what you’ve done.  Without pictures, I’d probably wear the same thing every other day. I have the memory of a goldfish.

3.) What are your goals for 2011, bloggy or otherwise? School, school, and more school.  Graduate. And work on expanding my photography into a business. Which is super duper exciting for me because I am in loooourve with it!!!

4.) What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like for you? Hmmmm. Nap. Eat. Maaaaybe go for a stroll. Or a drive. {How cliché!} Cook a BIG dinner and fall asleep to the Discovery chanel. Oh yeah, and homework, because that little booger just won’t go away.

Thanks Ramsey!!  She even has a accent on cliche!  I can't even do that and I live in France where they have accents everywhere! 

What are you all doing this weekend?  I hope it is beautiful for everyone!


J A C Q U E L I N E said...

Thanks for sharing! Her style is great. Cant wait to go and visit

Vanilla said...

She has great style and she is SO beautiful :)

Love, Vanilla

Ramsey said...

You are such a doll! I pretty much forgot alllll about writing this. But I totally posted about it on my blog and linked to you. Thanks girl!

Michelle said...

She is stunning! Can't wait to check out her blog! Happy Friday!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous Girlie!! And fab pictures!

Shellsea said...

Hiya, I'm a new follower of your blog. I have been following Ramsey for a while.

I like your blog, very cute.

And Ramsey that picture of you in the striped shirt has to be may fav.

Nicole said...

Great guest post! Ramsey is a pretty cool chick that has great style!


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