Thursday, March 31, 2011

Business Inspirations!

I thought I would share today a passion of mine.  I feel like I have a knack for sales, promotion, and marketing and I love it.  I see someone with a special talent, like making jewelry, organizing, or doing hair, and I think “if only I have that talent!  I could do so much!”   I was able to pursue this dream last year when I started a makeup business with my cousin.  In the for 6 months we made $17,000 and this year we are already looking at doubling it and it is only March.   The down side (for me anyway) is that I then move to France and can only help out sometimes.  So I thought I would share a little of my business insight with you all!
Here are som general pointers:
Goals:  Set goals.  If you don’t know where you are going, how in the world are you going to get there?  If they are weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, set them.  Write them down and return to them on a regular basis so you can have an idea how you are doing.


Business Plan:  Often small businesses forgoe this part, but in truth it is a really excellent thing to have.  In your business plan you address things like the market you will be selling to, what does it look like and who are your competitors.  You will address finances, where they are coming from and how and when you expect a return.  It can be what is called a ‘working business plan’ which is not set in stone, but it helps you prepare by forcing you to do research and it helps you think through what you will face in the future. 


Marketing:  Without this you’re business will fail.  You could have the best product on the market, but if people don't know about it, you won't sell it!  Think about people like Kim Kardasian who is talented in nothing and yet still uber famous.  Because she markets herself.  She is everywhere.  Some examples on a small business scale: if you own an etsy shop, some obvious ones would be do a giveaway with another blog,or  guest blog post at a few different spots.  You might want to send a product or two to a bigger blogger or someone who knows a ton of people and ask them to wear it and tell people about it. Make sure they believe in the product and are big supporters.  When we started our makeup business (with airbrush tanning) we offered a day of free tans and a discount program after that.  We also hosted a makeup party doing makeovers for free.  We also offered free trials for brides interested in makeup for their wedding day. 

Persistent:  Keep it up!  You might not make a ton of money in your first month, or even year, but if it is something that you are passionate about, you have done your research and you are putting efforts into it, then it will happen.  Just keep swimmin’ Just keep swimm’ (I have seen that movie waaaay too many times!)


Well, I hope you enjoyed this quite little business tidbit.  If you have any questions or a specific business type you would like some marketing ideas on, please e-mail me or post it in the comments!  I would love to get some ideas flowing! 


MiMi said...

Wow! If only I had any clue what any of this said....I'm sorta stupid about "bidness."

Shannon Olson said...

I am you newest follower! I love any posts where I can learn about marketing and ways to advertise my art business. So Thanks

Deals and Dishes said...

I am your newest follower! =)

Jennifer said...

Great tips!! Thanks for sharing!

Abby said...

I'm still in college but I would like to own my own clothing business one day. Thanks for the tips! I'm studying marketing right now, but it's still good to hear from people who have actually started their own business- and been successful!

suzanne said...

thanks for the tips! they are reminiscent of my time in fashion school (which was really not that long ago). it's crazy how quickly we forget!

these reminders are very helpful for me and i plan on using them!

thanks again!

awkwardly chic


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