Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New 'lil sumpin' sumpin'

Well, since I have been inspired lately to have a new sense of style, a new sense of me, I thought I would allow it to carry over to my home as well!  I am funny, becuase I can be creative, but sometimes, I just can't see past what is in front of me.  As my husband tells me 'you just can't see the vision!'  He is very stylish.

The thing is, we live in an apartment that we most likely will not live in next year.  We cannot paint it and I have to think through every purchase and if it would be joining us the following year.  How I would love to paint.  Our white walls are seriously, like, stark white.  And boring.  And really hard to fill and make look cute.  So all that to say I added a few things around the house.  Nothing to call home about (I actually did call home and tell my mom though, HAHA)  Take a look!


After. I added some of my colorful towels in the bins because I can't keep flowers alive. :(

My mom sent me these. We dont' have a Target here :(  But another way to add a little something

The only one I could do right now, above our pantry
In the process

End result! I am def happy with it!

So, seriously, tell me what you think.  I realize it is nothing crafty or anything, but I am super limited.  But that is where all you awesome woman who know how and can do all these things!  Please, please, comment some advice, I would love it!

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