Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today was a tough one.  I got a little discouraged (ok, I broke down and cried a bit) with this whole life-makeover thing.  I was inspired by some creative stuff that I had seen on a few blogs and thought 'I want to do something creative!'  I searched around the house and searched.  Now, I only have a hot glue gun to be crafty with, so anything I did was probably gonna be a little ghetto.  But hey, I was determined.  I couldn't find I thing. {Depression} kick in.  I know if anyone is reading this, you are probably thinking 'already? It's been like 2 days!'  Well, welcome to my world.  I am a weird perfectionist.  Like, I want to be perfect, but can't.  Which is kinda a bummer for a perfectionist.  So after a little cry and call to my mom (I might have been a tad bit tired too) I decided it is in my hands to fix it.  Not to give up, but to find a way around it.  So instead of showing you something I have done because right now I don't have the means, I am going to showcase some things that inspire me!  How you like me now, depression!

1.  My Husband.  He puts up with me and tries to understand my insane head.  God bless 'em. 
2.  This super cute clutch made from a shirt over at Eisy Morgan.  I mean seriously!  It inspired me!

3.  My talk with my mom.  Trying to keep my eyes open for opportunities to be creative. Love my mom.
4. Knowing that I am in God's hands.  He has a plan for me.
5.  I was inspired by this post from A Blonde Ambition about embracing messy hair.  I always have messy hair, so this is good news for me!  I think I will try this one tomorrow.
6. Last but most certainly not least, date night tomorrow night with my husband.  It has been toooo long.  That isn't really inspiration as much as it is just excited to get out of the house and dress up! 


Jenn said...

I totally relate to how you feel! Awesome husbands and supportive moms are the best!!!

Don't force your creativity! I find that when I do I always end up not liking what I did or I get super frustrated and don't do anything for a long time. Try something new with eyeshadow. Or spend too much time looking at blogs :) Your creativity will flow.

Natalia Lynn said...

Thanks Jenn! I totaly get what you mean, I sometime try to force things, but to keep it simple within what is available, I can do that! And I still feel creative! Thanks!

Megan said...

hey! so nice to "meet" another california girl living abroad. where in cali are you from? how long have you been in france?? any plans to return to the states??

hi, question overload. sorry.

Natalia Lynn said...

Ya! I am from Simi Valley, small city like 45 min north of LA. What about you? We have been in France for a little over a year spread out over 3 years. We come home for a bit over the summer. It is always fun to connect with someone living a similar life! I was just in England last week, I loved it!!

Ramsey said...

She totally has amazing hair! And date night is the bestest!

Ashley said...

Are you feeling better today? I hope so! I find so much inspiration for others too, and thinking how "I can do me" if that makes sense. When I first started blogging I would keep a list of ideas so when they pop in your head you can try them later. The more you put stuff out there the more it will come! and thanks for putting up my purse, your header looks FAB! Sorry I haven't emailed back yet..I will soon!

Michaela said...

Oh I love your inspiration! I'll be praying for you dear (:
That hair do is so cute, I have to go see how to do it! Have a wonderful evening (:


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