Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I wore, Sweden

Guys, I went to Sweden.

I mean, how cool is that??  But please, no comments like "you're so lucky, I wish I had your life!"  Because you don't.  Although I am very blessed to do some of the things I do, along with it come some very hard things as well.  And I'll just leave it at that.  Grass is always greener folks!

But for now let's pretend it's always this cool.  Okay?  Thanks.
Scarf & jeans: Zara // Boots: Nordstrom's Rack // Coat: Gap // Headband: my friend's!
So as much as I loved the beautiful country of Sweden, oh my land it was cold.  Probably a normal winter for those of you who are used to it, but for this southern Californian born baby, it was fra-eezing.  I had every intention to take off my coat for outfit pictures, but ya, it didn't happen.  

I am aware that the snow looks like it is coming out of my nose.  You just can't plan these things.  I thought about keeping it out, but then thought, I'm sure a few of you need a good laugh so I'll supply that for ya.

Is this the white stuff they talk of and call snow?  Incredible! 

Let's twirl!  As all girls should do in the snow!

But probably not in these boots.  I slipped and fell on my tookas (like all the way down, people!) and I am blaming the boots.  Because it just couldn't have been me...

All in all the cold isn't so bad if you're prepared and layer the heck out of your outfit.  I actually enjoyed it.  Sweden is a wonderful country, if you ever get the chance, GO, it was incredible.  I was trying to talk my husband into playing there, but then I came back to France, the weather was about 10 degrees warmer, sun was out, I could communicate with my French friends and I thought 'aahhh, this is home.'

(just come here Stacy!!!)

Have a great day!

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Alyx said...

So cute!
And yeah, the grass is always greener. :)
I get that comment a lot, too, but no one ever thinks of the bad stuff, they just think, "Wow, she's in Europe! She gets to travel!"
Hope you're having a good day!

Ashley @ Luce said...

you look STUNNING!

Linda Z said...

You look adorable in Sweden! And you're right... every one has their greener and their dead brown spots. It's good not to get jealous! I'm happy you got to go on a great trip! :)

Ly said...

You are seriously too adorable. The red head scarf is so beautiful.

Have a great time in Sweden

MiMi said...

The colors pop so much with all that snow!!

Mindie Hilton said...

You look amazing as always. I just read your email about sponsoring, and it reminded me that I had sent you an email about sponsoring a giveaway and had not heard back yet. If you are interested in me sponsoring a giveaway from my shop TLC Creations let me know and thanks for your great blog.

K said...

so glad that you enjoyed your time in Sweden! it is freakishly cold here but at least you were well dressed. Also, you can now empathize with the shoe dilemma faced by us living here. I've been living in my uggs as of late thanks to the cold and the slipperiness ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't even tell you how much I loved your "no comments like I wish I had your life" statement...yessss you tell 'em girl! Love it and love you!


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