Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day Option #1

So for my first Valentines Day Outfit/Hair/Makeup Option, I came out with Guns Blazin'! When my husband saw me (he is my photographer) all he said was "woah" lol.

My objectives for this challenge are as follows:
Try new hairstyle
Experiment with makeup
Put together a hot outfit from my own closet
GET OUT OF MY FUNK! (see my previous post if curious about said funk)

So without further ado, I reveal to you what I call my "Rocker Chick"
Dress: Elle brand at Kohls Shoes: Target 

This was Fun! Certainly not your average everyday date outfit.
For my hair I added volumizer and styling cream while it was wet. I parted as far as I could to one side while drying. Then I finished it off with a good dose of Sea Spray to make it messy and piecey. 
For makeup I went with a heavy lined smoky eye and hot pink lipstick! 

I would love to know what my neighbors were thinking......"Wow that couple is sort of kinky"....."are they really doing this in broad daylight?".....

And here is a closeup of my makeup and hair

So what do you think? I will tell you my favorite after I have posted all 3 options. But for now I want to hear your opinions! 

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Amy said...

What I love about you is that you actually had this dress in your closet :) You look amazing and I would love to know what your neighbors thought! haha

Laura said...

Impressive! I love your hair! You are one hot mama!

Krista said...

This is awesome. And I LOVE your hair this way.

GingerPeachT said...

I really love the entire look!!
But my fav part is your makeup. Loving the eyes and lips. So two thumbs up from me! Wow!

carrieg said...

Love it! Love the hair a ton :)

MiMi said...

I love it all but my favorite part is the hair! Gonna have to check out that Sea Spray stuff.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love all of it - that hair is fantastic!

Crissy said...

Love this and the hair looks AMAZING!!

Candace said...

Love. Love. Love. All of it. I too NEED to get out of my funk. Ugh. =)

Running Pregnant and Beyond said...

I love it, beautiful, all of it!

Rachel. said...

I love this look! Im gonna try to do my version of it for Vday! See if I have anything appropriate in my closet! Thanks for the idea!

amy and jesse hudson said...

The word "hot" comes to mind! What a trip for your hubs. It's a great look! I'd love if you came and linked this up at my Drab to Fab party on Friday. We celebrate creating fabulous outfits by using a little smarts to dress them up. (We also celebrate jazzed up recipes and DIY's). Anyway, I'd love to see you this Friday. Here's a link for all the info you need on the party!

Hope to see you :)



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