Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's recap this year...

Welp, it's been a year.  A whole year since I have had this little bloggy blog.  And quite honestly, I am no less excited about it as when I first started.  It has been the most amazing journey, opened up doors I didn't even knew existed, and made friends from around the globe.  I have every intention of staying right here and I hope you do too!

Here is my blog a year in review.  No big grand giveaway or anything just yet because we have some super awesome exciting things going on in April!

February is where it all begin and I wrote my very first post.

In March I added my very first but one of many  Makeup Tutorial.

In April I had some people interested in hearing more about our crazy lifestyle.  So I started the My life in France series with a post about our back story and being married to a basketeur.

In May this was my favorite post.  I wrote about loving my husband.  He hates it when I write about him, and I don't do it a lot, but the man works hard and deserves a shout out every once in a while!

In June I feel like I had a lot of fun posts, but one of my favorites was writing about having interracial kids.  It got a lot of feedback and some wonderfully encouraging comments.  Love this blogging community!

In July I posted about 'no heat summer curls' which got a big response, because let's face it, everyone wants beautiful hair in no time at all!

In August I had the first photo contest, which I loved so I am sure it will be the first of many.  I also redid the blog design to what you see now.  And it will soon be changed again by ByAimee and I am so excited about it!

In September I did my own fashion week with a ton of hair tutorials.  I also got pinned from the photo shoot I did.

At the end of September I moved back to France and in October wrote a bit about dealing with jet lag and adjustments.

In November I bought this big poncho I didn't know if I should keep it or not so I asked you all!  Great pieces of advice, loved it.  *update on the poncho* tried to take it back and they wouldn't let me.  Now it's mine...

I got rid of my GFC in December!  It felt good to have it gone and haven't missed it since!

In January I held the second photo contest which featured some lovely Christmas photos. (The lovely winner was Alyx from Everyday is a New Adventure, post from her coming Monday!)  I also posted a piece I had written about wearing bold lip colors that was featured on SITS Girls back in December.

And here we are, February!  I was so excited to introduce Christie to this lovely blog and think what we have coming is going to be excellent.  I can't believe it's been a year.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and encouraging me throughout this last year.  You are really one of the main reasons I do this.  I hope you stick around and it only gets better than this!

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Happy Blogoversary!
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