Sunday, August 21, 2011

No longer the victim

That's it.  I'm done.  I am no longer playing victim to 'that's not my gift' line.

I do believe that people are blessed with particular talents.  I am not exactly sure of my greatest talents, or where God is able to use me best, but I am most certain of talents that just aren't in the genes, ya know?

For example, I am not an organized person.  I see a messy house or room and get overwhelmed.  My sister-in-law however, would get excited and immediately think thousands of thoughts of beautiful files and neat shelves would be dancing through her head.  That's her gift.  And trust me, she is good at it.

I struggles to maintain organization in my life (granted we live between 2 countries).  I don't have a system of cleaning the house.  Unless you call clean-it-when-it's-disgusting a system.  And I am not too great at organizing my blog either.

And frankly I am sick of it.

I am tired of copping out with the 'it's not my gift' line.  I mean seriously.  When someone is overweight and wants to be thinner, can they be?  Of course.  Can a flaky person become more consistent?  Yes.  Can a lazy person become more energized?  Most definitely!! They all have to do the same thing.

Make a choice.

Make a conscious effort to choose the healthier option or hit the gym.  They choose to make it to the appointment they don't want to go to.  They choose to get off the couch and do something productive.  It's a choice.

So I am here, with my blog friends as my witnesses, I am choosing to be better.  I am choosing to seek help from those who have this gift and be more organized.  I am going to make choices to help me be more organized.

Phew!  Thank you for listening!!  So, who's with me??  I know I am not the only one who struggles with something like this.  So what is it?  Are you going to make a choice today to be better?  I hope so!  Let's do it together!!


J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I am with you. I have been on and off the work out wagon. I need to stop making excuses and just do it. and about the gifts I agree to let others who have a gift help you where you are not strong. We can not be all things all the time.

Tracy said...

Last night I posted my cleaning routine on my blog. I had to write it down to keep track of everything. My MOPS group has a trade list. So maybe you can't organize as easily as your SIL. Maybe she could help you for an hour, then you could trade off and use one of your gifts to help her. :)

Kelly said...

You make a great point....thanks for the motivation!


Tracy said...

You go girl!! I've had a lot of those thoughts myself lately. It just means take the first step and keep on going.

MiMi said...

You can do it! :)

Nicole said...

Oh girl...I am extremely unorganized! Just tonight my husband and I sat down to try and get our finances in order. Cleaning you say? What's that? I think just saying you will be better is a start and gives you hope that it can be better :)

Anonymous said...

A big ol "LIKE" to this post!! You are so right... it's high time we all stop copping out and make the changes in our lives that we want to see. I love that quote about the tree...I'm going to pin that! :0)

PS: My cleaning philosophy is the same as yours! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I struggle with thinking I have to do a task perfectly and all at once, and this often keeps me from doing the task at all. But yesterday, I wrote down the phrase "JUST START." and put it on my fridge. It helped me get so much done. That messy room? Just start. The dishes? Just start. I was surprised at how much I got done, just by starting.

Suzzie V said...

haha it's true. we are not trees. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

Wise words. I am currently trying to get healthier (ie: loose weight and get in better shape) and I am making choices every hour of every day. It is hard work, but the perseverance is paying off. Good luck with your mission!


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