Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Solutions ~ Chilli Rubbed Salmon

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I have a yummy summer recipe for you.  A couple of weeks ago, Jacqueline from Chez Mukweto asked me if I would like to participate in a little summer series.  I always love to participate in series of any kind so of course I said yes!  I had to come up with a great summer recipe to share with you all, and it just so happened that I had made this salmon dish a few nights before she asked me and took pictures! How easy!  And you are going to love how easy the dish is.
I bought this salmon at costco.  I don't know if there are better places or anything, but it was good.  So here is the recipe:
Sprinkle a little bit of kosher salt and pepper over the salmon.  Rub chilli powder all over the salmon.  Broil on high for 8-10 minutes.  That. is. it.

With little to no effort you can pair it with some brown rice and a veggie of your choice and dinner is on the table in less than 30 minutes.  I mean, what mom doesn't want to hear that, specially during the summer?!

Even my little guys enjoyed it.  Seriously, they both chowed the whole thing down.
We love meal time!!
Wow, he looks like he loves it... I promise he did, that plate was clean!
I know brown rice is a healthier choice, but I didn't have any, so I went with the white.  It was fine for my boys and husband, but I just left it out and it was still plenty of food. 

I love creating healthy dishes that my boys will eat.  It makes me feel like I did something right as a mom when they eat a big healthy meal.  And let me tell you, they can eat.

So I am the first day of this wonderful series!!
Tomorrow will be over at The ArtsyGirl Connection.
Wednesday will be at Tracy Cooks it Right
Thursday will be at Chez Mukweto

And each blogger will be sharing an awesome summer recipe and maybe a few other pointers to enjoy our summers!  So make sure you check back!

Then on Friday is a link party you all can link up your summer solution!  Whether it is something fun you do with your kids, or how to beat the heat, or even a scrumptious recipe, please join in!!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and are having a great Monday!! 


Marilyn said...

mmmm - this looks absolutely YUMMY Natalia.. Love it.. :)) I can't follow you right now due to my site restrictions but I will when I get in at home tonight.. LOVE this.. :)) Nice to Cyber met you ;)) Off to post about ya..

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

That Really was easy. Wow! Loves Loves loves it! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE getting new seafood recipes and how-tos! Seafood is the one food I have confidence cooking, and recipes like this make my day! This looks DELISH. I'm glad the boys liked it, but it does look like they were told "Smile for the camera and I'll give you cake for dessert". Just kidding :-) Hope you had an awesome weekend girl!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Looks so good! I don't usually do a rub on Salmon, but this sounds amazing. Thanks for the idea!

Nicole said...

yum yum yum!!! We eat Salmon all the time. Seriously like every week. We love fish. My son devours it. I will have to try broiling it. We usually grill it and it's absolutely delish! Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Love your blog; I'll definitely be back!

The salmon looks amazing!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Looks good! What a great series!

Carly said...

This looks delicious! I *love* salmon but occasionally it really lacks the flavor that other dishes have - and this rub seems like it would totally solve that problem!

P.S. I'd love love love for you to stop by my blog and add your recipe to my link up here. This looks delish!!!!! :)



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