Saturday, March 26, 2011

Simple Vase tutorial

So you are all probably wondering why I have a picture of maple syrup here.  Well wonder no further!  I don't have a lot of options here in France, trying to save money and all, so you can get pretty creative.  I have to say, this was my mom's idea, she is the brains behind a lot of things I do! :) 

So here in France we don't have regular syrup.  Serious bummer, I know.  Appreciate the little things, Americans!!  We got it good over there!  So this is our little French syrup bottle.  Actual, thick maple syrup.  (If you are wondering, it doesn't taste nearly as good)  We (my mom and I) made it into a vase! Love it!  And check out how easy it was:

 First you make some cuts in it or even maybe tear it a little bit, or rub a bit off.  This makes it look a little more worn, like vintage-y.  Then you take a used teabag (I know, so resourceful!) and wet it enough to get some coloring on the paper.  This will give it an older antique look too.  (FYI - you can use teabags like this on similar projects, try and e-mail me what you come up with!) 
 Et Voila!  Are you laughing at how easy that was???  So now, go do it!  Take something you might have thrown out and turn it into something useful!

With a little Ikea flower in it.  I could also cut the flower shorter and add some more for a little bouquet.  What do ya think?  Do you like it?

Have you turned 'trash' into something?  Let me know, shoot me an e-mail with some pics and I can feature it!

A bientot!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Yes I do, I actually am wearing a old skirt as a flower on my head, it's on my blog today.

Write it in Lipstick

Emily @ RemarkableHome said...

looks cute. What a simple idea. Thanks for your comments on my blog:)
Came by from TT&J

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Cute idea!! Thanks for linking up!

love your guts

Kristi said...

Hi! I follow Babes and Sages so I found you over there! I loved hearing your story...what a beautiful family!

My husband and I lived in Switzerland for 4 years when our kids were really small (5, 3, and 5months when we made the move). Totally loved the travel...and the whole experience.

I can relate to those days though when you long to hear some English. For me I was desperate to READ so I would read anything that was written in English...even my hubby's work e-mails. Can you say desperate?? :)

I'm going to follow you because I like your style...and it brings back good memories.
We've been back in the States for 10 years..and, yes, you will miss this time. Enjoy!!
Be blessed~

MiMi said...

I love the shape of those kinds of bottles!

Jennifer said...

I love it!! Some of the easiest crafting is the best!

Debby said...

Found your link party on Eisy Morgan...

thank you so much for hosting!

Love this simple but adorable vase :)
hope you have a great day

Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

Simple & cute!! Happy to see your creative idea linked up last week at my K.I.S.S. blog bash. Looking forward to seeing what great project you share this week, remember the link is open until Tuesday @ midnight {CST}.

Drop by The Tattered Tag


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