Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ma Nouvelle Mode ~ Travel Edition

So I am leaving for Switzerland tomorrow!  Yay!  So I thought I would do a travel edition!  I am going to post a few pointers because the way I travel in my life, I should have some.  This travel edition is going to be just for a weekend trip, since that is what I am doing tomorrow.  Leaving Sunday returning Tuesday.  Okay, not exactly weekend, but same amount of days.  You guys are smart. You get me.  Right?

We will start with #1 packing.  Booooo I hate packing.  But it is a huge part of my life, so I have to embrace it.  Tomorrow we are driving and there isn't a lot of room for luggage.  Here are my two biggest pointers:

1.) Plan ahead!  Plan your outfits so you can still look cute without your whole woredrobe at your fingertips.

2.) Pack light.  One pair of jeans, two tops, one pair of shoes, and some accessories to throw it together.  We all know how we can make an outfit change with a shirt and accessories change.  {for the record, I am not always good at this one.}

  With these two tips, you should be good to go on a small carry on suitcase.  And if you are traveling by plane, you will move right through those awful ecurity checks!

Tip #2 bring snacks!  Whether you are driving, flying, or taking a train, there is nothing worse than being hungry or thristy without any way to satisfy it!  Pack a little water {we all know what happens when you pack the big one} and a snack that isn't too salty or sweet.  Then you might need another water.  And, well, you know.

Tip #3 Plan ahead! Again.  Print out boarding passes if you need them, have travel documents either in your purse or right next to them ready to go.  I once got all the way to check in and then realized I forgot my passport.  Thank goodness I have an awesome family who relayed it all the way to LAX.  So I learned it is good to plan ahead and get all your documents in order before (key word here) you leave.

Tip #4 Get your rest!  Which I am totally not doing right now.  Silly me.  Go to sleep!

Hope you enjoyed my tidbits!  Let me know if you would be intersted in some more, I can also get more specific.  I have flown internationally many times and most of the times I had a baby/kid with me and I was by myself.  But I also love/prefer to travel alone! :)

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Heather Pranitis said...

Great series! I blog about travel too, among other things.


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