Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I won an award!

So I just got from Switzerland and I am pooped.  I will have to share the story with some pics a little later, but I figured I would tackle this before bed. 

Guess what??  I got an award!  Jennifer over at Vintage Gwen gave me a bloggy award the yesterday!  So I have to share 7 fun facts about myself and pass it along to 7 other bloggers!  So here is my attempt at the 7 fun facts...

1.)  I am 6 feet tall.  And yes, I am aware of it.  But thanks for letting me know.  "Wow, you are soooo tall!"  I actually love being tall (my husband is 6'7" so it's all good) because I can gain 10 pounds and no one can tell but me!  Unfortunately, that works the other way as well...

2.)  I love to travel.  If you didn't already know that! :)

3.)  I have a ginormous family and I love it!  We are kinda like the mafia, but a nicer version.

4.)  I live in France, you might have known that, but you might not have known my husband plays professional basketball here (hence the 6'7"!)

5.)  When I am living in the states, I run a makeup company with my cousin, Bliss Makeup Artistry.  We do wedding makeup and it is a ton of fun.

6.)  I am allergic to poison oak and one time when I was younger, I climbed a tree, which I did a lot, and it happened to have poison oak in or around it.  Yep, I got it on my face and my face swelled up and was like that for days.  Awesome.

7.) I played collegiate volleyball!

Wow, I am super boring, sorry all!  Now I need to tag some lovely other bloggers!

Okay I did it! Participate if you want to ladies, but don't feel the pressure too! 

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