Thursday, March 3, 2011


I spent the day today in a small town in France called Annecy.  I have seen quite a few French towns that were 'cute' but this was just typic.  Old time, typical, beautiful French.  It was incredible.  And being as awesome as I am, I totally forgot my camera.  Like at home.  So these are from the web, I am sure my photos wouldn't have done it justice anyways. 

There are little canals that run through vieielle ville (old village)

The buiding in the middle used to be a prison. Good thing for the moat!

Annecy Bridge

The Apls in the background. 

We were so blessed to have a beautiful day when we were there.  It was a bit cold, but it was beautiful.  I have seen quite a bit of this country and by far, this was my favorite.  If you are ever in the Savoie area of France, check it out!

I also brought home two little friends with me, my friends daughters.  They are my son's friends and he loves being with them.  So they are gonna chill with me for a bit and I love it!  I have two boys, so this should be fun.

Tomorrow I am heading out to go craft shopping!!  Can't wait to see what we find.  I have it in my mine to make the material flowers, so we will see how far I get with that.

How is your week going?  Ready for the weekend?  Anyone have anything special going on?  I love hearing from you all, thanks so much for all the awesome comments!!



Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

That place is gorgeous! {I would probably forget my camera too. I seem to be good at that! Or better yet, I forget the charge the battery, so there I am with a useless camera! :D}

I was going to do some fabric flowers today for a Bible cover, but I made the cover like an inch too small! I plan on fixing it tomorrow! I've never done fabric flowers, so I'm excited about it!

Glad you had such at wonderful time at this beautiful place!!

-Many Smiles!

Ashley said...

SO beautiful! I love those canals! Sounds like a great day, I cannot believe it is almost the weekend again, it zoomed past this week!
PS I am glad you are my blog stalker cause I stalk back, mutual stalkership..haha

Anna of IHOD said...

What I would give for a day in France! Right now I travel through pictures like these:) Thanks for sharing them! I get to go on a three day spiritual retreat this weekend. Pretty excited to break away from work and have time for complete peace!
Hope yours is awesome!

Jennifer said...

So beautiful!! It looks so peaceful!! Thanks for sharing! Having a visit from the inlaws this weekend...they don't get to see my lil' hunkie very often!
Have a great weekend!
Ps. I'm featuring you on my friday feature.."Darling Day"!!

Vanilla said...

Amazing place :) I need to visit france agin and explore more :)

Love, Vanilla


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