Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Makeup Trends

Aahhh springtime!  Isn't it something we all look forward to after those long, cold winter months?  I know I do!  When the sun starts to shine and you start to feel the warmth on your skin... oh, so lovely.  Another fun thing about spring is that it brings with it a wave of new styles and colors to brighten your day!  These colors are reflected in our wardrobe, maybe even our skin tone and most definitely our makeup palette!  So I am going to talk to you about some fun makeup trends for Spring.  Ready?  Let's do it.

Fresh, Natural Face ~ This Spring we are seeing a lot of fresh faces out there.  All this means is that less is more!  No more heavy, dark makeup, or tons of foundation.  Just some concealer if needed, light foundation, and mascara is beautiful.  It is kinda refreshing to change it up and let your face breathe.  Try adding a little bronzer to your T-zone to make it seem like your face actually did see the sun for the last 4 or 5 months! (all the while wearing sunscreen underneath!)

Colors ~  Spring most definitely ushers in a beautiful array of bright fun colors.  I'm not talking about bringing back the eighties or anything (although I think they're trying to make a comeback), just enough to brighten up your face and leave the dark colors in the winter.  Personally, I also think it can help in brightening your mood!  Here's how you can bring more color to your face:
  • Lips - I talked about how to wear bold lip colors back in January, so I hope you have all taken that challenge and rocked it yourself!  Spring is a perfect time to continue to rock the red, but also to add some bright pinks/ fuchsias, sheer light pinks, or even some orange if you're brave enough!
  • Eyes - I love to keep my eye colors light and simple.  We see a lot of this for Spring which I am absolutely loving.  Try some sheer or shimmer instead of dark and smokey.  If you want to do a smokey eye, experiment with using pinks, purples, golds, and metallic colors.  But always be sure to keep the inner corner of your eyes light to keep them bright and cheery!  {A smile helps with that as well!}
  • Cheeks - Once again, bring on the color!  Pinks, shimmers, or a beautiful bronze color on the cheeks is  a must-have in spring.  Especially when you add it to a beautiful, fresh face, you have all you need!  Try a tan/pink blush to add some color to your cheeks and your skin tone as well.

Brown Liner - Spring is a great time to step away from dark, black liner and move into softer brown colors.  They go great with the brighter, lighter colors discussed above and give you less of a harsh look.  You can still rock the smokey eye for girls night out and all, but for more of a softer Spring-y look, use the brown.

Prominent Brows - This one goes perfectly with our natural fresh face -- in fact with any of them!  It has been seen throughout all the runway shows and is big this spring.  Thankfully, my mom never let me pluck or wax my eyebrows too thin, but if yours are, try filling them in with a shade a tad bit darker (not too dark!) to add prominence.  You can also try growing them in if possible.  Just let your aesthetician know.  They may be able to help!

So there you have it!  Some popular spring makeup trends for 2012!  Now let me be clear here, these trends are not meant to be used all together.  They are just ideas for you to create a new, fresh look for a new {and hopefully fun} season!

Have a great day!

 - Natalia


Danielle Villano said...

Really nice post! I've recently started wearing brown eyeliner - what a difference!


MiMi said...

I need heavy dark. Gotta cover some crap up!

Marie Danielle said...

I love how you do your makeup! :-) thanks for this post!!! I enjoyed it.

Crissy said...

I'm going to try to do this! Less makeup for sure.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Lately I've been wearing concealer + brown/black mascara and either a red or a hot pink lip.

TicoTina said...

you look entirely too gorgeous for words, my dear!


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