Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shopping for Spring Trends From My Own Closet

I don't know if you are aware, but it is March people! For some of us spring is already here, and for others it is just around the corner! So let's do it! Let's get our spring wardrobe ready.
There are a TON of trends hitting this streets this spring and since I am pregnant and hoping my body will not remain as is forever, I am not big on purchasing new trends for my current size and shape. This leads me to work on my skills of "shopping my closet" which is a fantastic exercise if you want to view your clothes in a different light and come up with new things.

Trend #1- Floral Prints
Red Floral dress (Elle brand @ Kohls) Blue Strapless Top (New York & Co.) Runway Photo (source)

I have had this dress and top for quite awhile and they fit right into this trend perfectly! They will also both grow with me through this pregnancy.....

Trend #2-Boxy Bags & Trend #3- Mint Green
Boxy Bag (source) Mint Green Pants (Kohl's) Mint Green Blouse (GoodWill) Black Boxy Bag (Urban Outfitters) Mint Green Runway (Source)

So MOST of this stuff I already had in my closet! A+! But I will admit that I found the mint green blouse  at our local GoodWill recently and could not pass it up :)

Trend #4- Metallic Shoes & Trend #5- Polka Dots
Polka Dot Skirt (GoodWill), Gold Rose Pump (Guess), Bronze Wedges (Naturalizer) Champagne Strappy Heels (ShoeDazzle) Polka Dot Runway (source) Metallic Shoes (Source)

Again I bought this skirt at the GoodWill. I had nothing that was polka dots and I don't feel guilty one bit for spending $3.50 on this spring trend! The shoes have been in my collection for ages (I have always been partial to metallic shoes!)

Trend #6- Neon Colors
Orange Blouse (Ella Moss@Anthropologie) Hot Pink T-shirt (Koh'ls) Runways (source)

YES! I love this trend. Though, I admit, I do not own much neon. I just love the excuse to rock these colors more often! 

Trend #7- Blue-Green Jewelry
I have had both these necklaces for so long I have no idea where I got them! Blue- Green Jewelry (source

Love this trend because it makes it easy to jazz up any outfit!

And finally, here are some other big trends for this spring that would be fairly easy to create from your own closet!

Color Blocking


Ok this one may not be very easy to pull from your own closet :) If you dig it, just go buy it! 

So now you go and Shop Your Closet for some of these trends! Your budget will thank you :)

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Alyx said...

Oh, man. I wish I could shop my closet. Too bad the majority of its contents are thousands of miles away and in storage! :/

MiMi said...

Floral prints make me look like a table cloth. LOL

♥ CheChe said...

haha your so cute. I kinda shop all seasons at all times. So I end up having just what I need to get by in all seasons. I love this layout of what is hott though because although I love them all some of them I just can't do because Bright colorful bottoms on this bottom is quite unattractive ;). haha blessings girl!


Nav said...

great post! a good reminder too, to shop the closet!

xo Nav


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