Thursday, February 16, 2012

A very unglamorous day

This is the first time I am going to let you into a very REAL, very IMPORTANT part of my life. The moment my first born baby girl came into the world, this is who I became at my very core. What did I become you ask? I am a MAMA BEAR, the kind that is ferociously protective, unapologetically emotional, and unconditionally loving. Did I choose to be all these things? No. Did I ever imagine how it would feel, before I had kids? Not in a million years. Do I think it is always appropriate to defend and protect my kids from all turmoil and discomfort? Not even a little bit. But on February 14th, 2012 I allowed my "Mama Bear" to rear it's God-given head for the sake of my little 2 year old son and here is a little documentation of this event

****WARNING**** If you would like to believe I am a glamourous person, turn away now! This may be a little shocking.

At 6 am on Valentine's Day we took our son, Charley to Los Robles Hospital to have a simple procedure (tonsillectomy). He was very suspicious of everything that was occurring

The Part that my husband and I were MOST dreading was when they would take Charley away from us in the OR. We imagined Charley screaming and crying for his parents. Well, they think of everything these days! They gave him something to make him feel "drunk" (their words, not mine!) And boy did it make him drunk!

And if you have any doubt as to why they would intentionally make a 2 year old feel drunk here is your answer:


He just calmly let this nurse take him away from his mommy and daddy!

Because of his age, he was admitted overnight for observation. I think these pictures sum up the definition of Pathetic

The long, agonizing night Charley and I spent together will be ingrained in my memory for the rest of my life. It was spent comforting my weeping babe,  looking into each others eyes as he stroked my face while nodding off, and holding my pee until he was asleep deep enough to allow me a moment. This was bonding at it's best and, now that I am better rested, I am able to look back at the memories with sentiment and not horror.

At about 9am the next morning, I was finally able to fall asleep while my boy slept next to me and of course this is when my husband walked in and embraced the moment
Your welcome........

And here are some of our final moments at the hospital before being discharged. (This hospital offered "pet therapy" to its patients)

And now we are back home and doing quite nicely. Charley refuses any food but Mac n Cheese and Chocolate Almond milk and my daughter is kind of ticked of that we are allowing such a thing while she continues to eat what I serve her. But other than that and some horrid moments of administering charley's medicine things are getting back to normal!

Thank you for joining me into a very REAL glimpse of my life. My next post will be back to feeling fabulous (which I am anxious to do) but for all of you who want to know what keeps me just got a small taste of it. I love you all! 

XOXO- Christie
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ohhollyf said...

He has good taste ! Glad all is well.

Tammi Durso said...

So sweet, Christie! Thanks for sharing. And so glad to hear that it went as well as it did and that Charley is home recuperating. I remember when Johnny went through that same operation. He was older and so it was much easier. But you'll be very pleased with the results. God bless you and your little one!

MiMi said...

Oh girl, I have been there!! That drunk juice is a God send, I swear.
They took my little guy away in a wagon outfitted to look like yellow Rubber Duckies...I bawled like a baby after he was gone but he was a trooper.
I find that hospitals and their staff are just so well equipped to deal with babies/kids when they have to have a procedure. We've survived 3 and they are always great. Just routine things, but still...scary!
So glad it all went well for you.

Olivia said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog!! I am sorry that your little one had to go through surgery, and especially so young, but I am so glad that it went well! Well wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

Krista said...

Tearing up of course, as I read this. Thanks for sharing Christie, and way to go Charley! On a side note, I was thinking about "pet therapy" and if it was Macie in the bed instead of Charley. The horror of the "therapy" would eliminate any unpleasant memories from the surgery.

Natalia Lynn said...

lol that is so true Krista! That must be why they asked permission first :) Thank you everyone for all the love!- Christie

Anonymous said...

Your poor sweet boy! Hope he is better, nothing more awful then seeing your child hurting and you can't do anything about it!

Kendra said...

so glad to hear that we was able to separate from you in a "drunken" state {haha!} and not have to endure screaming. That would have broken my heart. He's a cutie :)


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