Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pregnancy Update and WIW End of First Trimester

OH.MY.GOSH......I am done with the first trimester!! Happy Dance...Hallelujah chorus..."ahhhhhhh" sigh of relief! Now that I have done the first trimester thing 3 times, I am pretty sure I can say it is my least favorite part of pregnancy! I will be doing more pregnancy updates now that I am through the first 12 weeks. Trust me, you would have been bored to death if I had been updating you thus far. It would have looked something like this: "Still feeling queazy, my boobs are a little bigger, I am bloated but not showing yet, wish I could sleep all day, etc etc etc."
I am currently 13 weeks

Here is a brief recap of my first trimester:
What I ate- Fruit, Panera Bread French Toast Bagels, Turkey Burgers, Snicker Bars and Pepsi
Fitness- Kickboxing, Corebar, StairMaster and Spin
What is different about this pregnancy so far?
1) With Elinor I was VERY sick, with Charley I only got Migraines and this time I have both but not as bad....boy or girl!??
2) I have been feeling the baby kick since 11 weeks (maybe even sooner but I can't be sure). Last night the baby kicked so hard I could see my tummy move! I didn't feel Elinor until 20 weeks  and Charley at 18.
3) I am MUCH less focused on being pregnant this time around, mainly due to my other two children and their high demand of my attention. (no worries, I am remembering to take my prenatal Vitamins and not drink wine)
4) I have not "popped" yet! I was definitely showing by now (and not in a little way) with my second pregnancy. So I am pretty excited to be holding that off for a little bit.

And to celebrate being done with my first trimester, I would like to draw special attention to my What I Wore outfit this week and and the fact that I am still in my normal jeans!! (Don't worry, I will explode here soon, and you cuties out there will all be laughing!)

Outfit: Jeans- Kohl's Elle Brand, Tank- Kohls, Shoes, Kohls, Sweater, TJ Maxx, Cowl- Avery's Loft

I know my I look angry in this picture but I posted it anyways because I am loving my hair right now!

I am STOKED about these shoes because they are stretchy in the back and I know they will continue to fit if my feet grow during pregnancy (yes a strange side effect of pregnancy is temporary foot growth!?)

Xoxo- Christie

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Alyx said...

can I just take a second and tell you how adorable you are?
Pregnancy is lookin' good on you!

Dumb Mom said...

Yes, you are so stylish! And cute! I'm so happy you stopped by pBd today. And, you know I really don't hear how awesome I am enough. I mean really, feel free to stop by anytime and remind me:)

Devon Riesenberg said...

Beautiful! I'm so jealous of how you are absolutely glowing :) You look amazing. That's so crazy how early you were able to feel the baby kick!

MiMi said...

Okay. I know a girl who is on her 3rd pregnancy and she was really big by 13 weeks. You are still small and cute! Not that big isn't cute...but she was...unweildy...or IS I should say.

♥ CheChe said...

aw Lord willing I will be posting pictures of me pregnant someday on my blog. Such a beautiful thing! i am not looking forward to any of the negative associations like pain, sickness, cravings... I'm just focusing on the gift I may be able to have someday. ha ha. If I focus on that stuff I might end up a married and still abstinent woman.


Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh so cute i love your outfit and those red flats are awesome!! that cowl looks so good on you

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

Totally jealous! Real jeans!
I've outgrown those now... and put on a pair of maternity jeans from LAST pregnancy that seem too tight! Argh! Must have shrunk in the wash! ;)
All the best for Trimester 2! x

dreaming en francais said...

I'm loving the bright red flats! xo


Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Found you through the Pleated Poppy: what a perfect (and chic) outfit!! The pop of red is lovely and teamed with blue, black and that gorgeous green scarf it looks gorgeous. And yes your hair is soooo pretty! (Pinning your oufit on Pinterest in a min!)

Catherine x

Christina May Andrews said...

You look GREAT! I can't even tell you are pregs. I love that scarf--the style and color are WONDERFUL!

Tamera Beardsley said...

So beautiful!!

Jelli said...

How cute. Love the photos and your red shoes ROCK! Just found your blog, and i'm loving it. My husband and I are also a culture mis-match, and God willing our 2nd child will be a 3rd (Italy!)


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