Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WIWW Disneyland Princess Getaway

Hi everyone! It's me, Christie, again. You may be seeing a little bit more of me in the next few months.....just a post here and there :) For now, I will be sharing a weekly outfit or two. I am sure you will be getting to know me as I continue to post and I will get to know you as well! 

This past week, we (my husband and I) took our daughter overnight to Disneyland for her 4th birthday. We left our 2 year old son with my mom and we made this a complete princess extravaganza (and I found myself wishing it was my fourth birthday!) Everything was perfectly magical with minimal meltdowns.
Anyways, I would like to share an outfit I wore for one of our days. It was comfortable, great for walking around, and most of all I felt cute in it! In my mind, it passed the Disneyland test! Natalia is such a pro at posing in public places, but I am still learning! My husband was totally into it though, he spent a long time looking for the right lighting. Thanks babe!  

Outfit: Jeans-Kohls Elle brand  //  Tank-ANGL  //  Lace Top-Target  //  Shoes-H&M

And just a quick note:
My hair is firmly set in the awkward stage of growing it out! Ha! You may be seeing a few post tracking how I survived growing out my hair :) Thanks Natalia for letting me share! Much Love!

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Tammi & Rachelle said...

Good job, Christie! You look adorable, and great job on the lighting, Joe! I wish I looked as cute as you do when my hair is growing out!

GingerPeachT said...

Aww so sweet. I wanna dress up like a princess. Lol
Love the lace in the outfit.

Alyx said...

SoCal is looking really appealing. I haven't been able to wear a tank top or capris in FOREVER.

MiMi said...

I really want to go to Disney! Bet my boys wouldn't want a princess extravaganza though...LOL.

Amy said...

Love it! You look beautiful!

Sandy a la Mode said...

LOVE your lace top, beautiful!!

Brittanybeck said...

this is a great blog cant Wait to continue following:)

Chloe Jacqueline said...

I love Disneyland! I am sure your daughter had a blast! What a special birthday! You look gorgeous! Love that you didn't wear a typical mom Disneyland outfit! Love getting to know you!

Amanda said...

love the lace top! and disneyland...so fun!!

Anonymous said...

Such cute photos and LOVE this look! I'm going to Disney World in March and can't wait to plan out some fun but comfy outfits!

Natalia Lynn said...

Thank you for all the feedback and encouragement!

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

What a fun way to wear the lace tank!

New follower from The Pleated Poppy

Unknown said...

I'm just still trying to get over the fact that you wore that in January. Oh, and you are lovely!

Melaina25 said...

You look amazing!

I hope you'll stop by and link-up with What I Wore Wednesday, too!



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