Friday, January 13, 2012

The Side Knot, A Hair Tutorial

I have a fun hairstyle for you today brought to you by my dear friend Nicole.  Nope, never met her in real life, but still a kindred spirit!  Don't you love blogging??  Anyway, take it away, girl!

Hey Lovelies!
Nicole here from The Neesby Lookbook
So happy to chat with ya while the beautiful Natalia is on her lucky trip to Paris.

I am super pumped to share a tutorial on one of my favorite hairstyles.
This Side Knot is awesome for everything from
 freshly washed hair to the locks that are begging to be washed.
And it's one of those hairstyles that is better with every hair NOT in place.
Are you so pumped?!
- - - 
First you need any bland head of hair
that is slightly dampened
{I like to use my leave in conditioner or just plain 'ole water works well too}

Start by teasing the hair on the side where the knot will sit, as well as the back of your head.
This creates a fuller look to the final style.

Gather your lovely locks into a low, side ponytail.
{I like to braid my side scragglers and pin them around the back of my head. 
You could also leave them hanging for a more free look.}


Begin to loosely twist the ponytail into a side bun.
It's more of a cross between twisting and smashing the hair onto the side of your head.
Pin the bun in several places to hold securely.
Be sure to leave some pieces loose and free.
This adds to the overall effortlessly easy look.

If you have bangs like me, you may want to use a bobby pin 
to secure some of the looser strands between your bangs and the Side Knot.

Voila!  Your lovely, simple Side Knot
A perfect hair style that can be dressed up or down.

{back and side views}

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and the adventures of living in a 120 year old house.
Be sure to say hey when you come over. . . 
I always adore meeting new friends.

And if ya try the Side Knot
snap a photo and shoot me an email.
I'd love to see the loveliness spread around!


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monique said...

so cute! I think I'm gonna try it next week.


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