Saturday, January 28, 2012

4 Reasons to Sponsor MNM

Now I know that there are a million blogs out there that you could sponsor.  Some might even be free or ad swaps.  The options are endless.  I want to take a second and let you know why exactly you should choose to sponsor Ma Nouvelle Mode.

1.) The people that come here to read this little blog in this little corner of the internet are entirely awesome.  They comment, they show the love, they check out other blogs and share the love their too.  I think for the most part the people that 'follow' or subscribe here want to be here.  They aren't here because we begged them or followed them first.

2.) The last giveaway we held got our sponsor (Avery's Loft) from 212 Facebook 'likes' to 320 in the one week of sponsorship with one giveaway.  I'd say those are pretty good numbers!

3.) We're cheap inexpensive.  We are actually not cheap because that implies not the greatest quality.  The prices are low but we are entirely certain that we have a ton to offer you all.

4.) We are moms.  We have kids.  We loves fashion, beauty, hair, makeup, girly things, making our homes cute, cooking yummy dinners.  We can relate to you, and between the two of us, you can find a lot of great stuff here.  Which is maybe we there are so many great people reading!

So if these four reasons aren't enough to get you to at least contact me if you have a blog or shop, then here are a couple reviews:

Elise Ostermann from Hey, Sweet Pea had this to say:

"I loved guest posting on Natalia's blog! She is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet, but also very creative, driven, and inspiring. She really cares about her readers, the guest posts she has, and the content she posts. I think it's a great blog to buy ad space from,  guest blog on, or sponsor in any way! A couple months ago Natalia allowed me to guest blog and concurrently hold ad space. When checking my FB page stats, a lot of the new likes and referrals I received during that time were from her blog. I would definitely recommend partnering with her blog, because it's the whole package!!"

Amy from Avery's Loft had this to say:

 It was a great experience working with Ma Nouvelle Mode and after looking at sources of likes I got at least 50 new Facebook likes from you in one week.  I love working with you and your followers are great. I also appreciate the support through Facebook status updates, tweets, etc.  

And by-the-by I wanted to also say that you are gonna want to get in while the prices are low, because in April we have some monster things planned and a guarantee there will be lots of traffic flowing 'round here.

Hit me up at Natalia{at}manouvellemode{dot}com for more deets!!

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GingerPeachT said...

You tempting

Nikskie said...

of course i'm following because i like your blog :p

that is so tempting


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