Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Day & an Outfit

At least once or twice a week my husband and I try to do a family day.  Something where we can get out of the house, entertain the kids (wear them out for early bedtime) and just enjoy each other.  Sometimes these days are movie days spent sipping hot cocoa and watching Kung Fu Panda.  

On Sunday we decided to treat the boys.  They have been obsessed with the tram that runs through town around here.  They always yell when they see it and tell me they want to ride it.  So we thought, let's do just that!  There is a Marche de Noel going on in town with a huge Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round and lots of cute little Christmas shops.  We could have very easily drove, but we thought it would be more fun to catch the tram.  The boys loved it.  Tae kept talking about how fast it was going.  They really aren't that fast, but he must have had it in his mind that we were going fast!
The boys waiting for the tram.
Tae and daddy on the Ferris wheel.  I have got to be honest, it was a little scary.  I have never been afraid of heights before, but this was a bit different.  I had my babies with me!  It just made me nervous.  The view was gorgeous, though!
Eli was a little nervous too.  He was all cuddled up next to me, it was cute.  He managed a smile for this picture.
Me, Eli, and Spiderman.  That's all I need.
Me and my boys.  Love those boogers.
Lavar caught me zoning out on the tram... haha                 Then I made him take some outfit pictures!
Boots, Top & leggings: Target // Jacket: Berska // Scarf: Paris market // Hat: Italian market
Then later that night be called a babysitter and went to see a movie in Lyon!  The Fete De Lumineres was going on, so it was crazy busy.  I kind of wanted to go to that, but we went last year and didn't plan ahead this year.  Maybe I will share some of last year's pictures with you and act like I went this year...
This hairstyle will have a video tutorial on SITS Girls on Wednesday if you want to check it out!  I guest posted there yesterday with Tips on How to Wear Bold Lips.

So overall it was a wonderful family day.  I love days like that where we can just spend time together, enjoy each other's company.  What do you do for family days?  Do you have something that is specific for your family?  I love to hear other ideas, I sometimes like to try to adapt them to fit our family and try something new!

Happy Tuesday!

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Leslie said...

Looks like a great day! I'm feeling the need to start a family day of our own now. Great outfit too...you carry those bold lips well!

Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

Love your lip colour! Looks like you had a lovely day all wrapped up warm but still chic :)

Love, Vanilla

Kate said...

I'm a new reader...I have checked back every day since then! =) Love your little family =) the close up pic of your little one is adorable! keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to me!

Alyx said...

Cancel my question about the Fete de Lumineres! haha
You look adorable. I absolutely loved family days like this when I was younger and we were stationed in Germany. Since Hubs and I is all our "family" consists of, I think our date nights/days count as family days. :)

Alyx said...

PS Love those earrings .

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous pics! You look uh-mazing, lady! Love it! xxx

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Looks like a very fun family day! Your family is beautiful! Your outfit was gorgeous as well! Yay for family day, and date night!

Marilyn said...

Really lovely photo's.. You look great.. Loving the lip color..;))

MiMi said...

Is there ANY color you don't look good in?

Jennifer S. said...

Love your outfit and love family days!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty and happy in these photos (but how can one not be happy in that beautiful scenery with their lovely family?!) :)

that is really a great idea to have a family day! maybe my boyfriend and dog and i can start something similar if it would stop raining :)

Ania said...

What a great tradition with your family. I like when we do things like that with the kids and they love it too We were suppose to do that last weekend but they all got sick.
I also love your outfit. The scarf gives such a great pop of colour.

Genn said...

Great look.
I love the leather jacket.
And the lip color.
And the scarf.
And the boots.
Very stylish.

Shannon Olson said...

I love the pink scarf and matching lip color! You look amazing, France must really agree with you!
I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
over on my blog , hope you join in =)

Jodi said...

You are rockin' the bold lips! Nicely done :) And cute outfit too :)

Julianna, Jade, Janae, Jamie said...

It has been too long since I have been to your site! You are looking FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Great scarf! I have a similar one my Grandma brought me back from Amsterdam a few years ago.


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