Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cute Ruffle Jeans!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Suze from Time Well Spent, and I am originally from Haiti. In an interesting turn of events, I found myself living in the Mountain West of the United States. Being in a different environment took a little time for adapting, but I'm loving it here. I have two beautiful children(a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old sassy & bossy girl) who keep me busy most of the time and married to the most amazing man (November 2006). I love making bows, photography, sewing ( just started) and scrapbooking.
Actually, let me tell you when I started making bows. It all began when our family had a bit of a shock! Our second child was supposed to be another boy, but lo and behold, the doctor pulled out a girl! From that moment I have enjoyed the process of raising a little princess. I started to make hair bows and all things girly. 
So now, I am a total bows and tutus addict, but wouldn't have any other way! My daughter has about three hair bows holders full with hair accessories   (in the process of making her a fourth one, need more room) and about 5...6...ok 12 tutus and I even have one too( it was for Halloween, [don't judge me]or was it...?!
Recently, I decided to open a Etsy shop and share my passion with everyone... In the hope that they will pay for themselves and I can always continue making them knowing that some little one is enjoying having them. Hope, I haven't bored you guys to death, so here are some stuff you will find in the shop


Today, I will share a tutorial on how to make a raffle jeans by reusing a pair that your daughter has outgrow...Hope you will enjoy it.

So since I really suck at giving directions, I tried my best to take as many pictures to explain as I can...Hope you will find them useful and make one...They take about 15 to 30 min depend on if you sew it upside down and need to cut it off and redo it ( ha ha ha!).  

 My pair of jeans that I cut off the very tip of the bottom because trying to sew it will be way too hard on my machine and will keep it a bit smoother.
  Then I measured two piece of fabric 12 inches each.

 Then I sewed the edge using the longest stitch on my machine and after I was done...I tied one end of the thread so it wouldn't undo the stitch that I made and use the other end to pull on one thread and make the ruffle ( hope that made any sense)

 Then it was time to sew them together which made it look like a sleeves...I don't know the name of the stitch so I took a close up pic so you can see it better.

 Then I use pins to pin my fabric to the jean and getting it ready to be sew together...Careful not to sew it inside out, so you have to make sure the inside of the fabric is facing you.
 Then sew it together and you are ready for your cutie to go and show off your newest creation.

 And here is the finished product...Pretty cute, huh!

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer... Sorry if my explanations are not so great but I hope at least the pictures help a bit. Also, if you know the names of those stitches, feel free to leave the names and it will be really appreciated.

Please let me know if you make one and leave the link so I can see :)
PS: tutorial is for personal use only!

Thanks Natalia for letting me stop by and hope that you will come visit me♥

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Marilyn said...

These are SUPER CUTE.. I love it.. How adorable and GREAT tutorial.. :))) Thanks for sharing : ))

Chloe Jacqueline said...

This is so super cute! Great tutorial, great story, lovely products! I am all over this post! Love it!

Kristi said...

Super cute stuff!

TicoTina said...

Your stuff is great and i love your sense of humor, thanks for sharing!

Suze said...

Thanks for wonderful comments...Mean a lot♥

Crissy said...

omg I can't wait to have my own kids and make clothes/bows/everything! Those are super cute!!


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