Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Wish List...

So Christmas is around the corner!  Okay, really it's not.  It's just that here in France they don't really celebrate Halloween and definitely not Thanksgiving so I have kinda skipped right on to Christmas!  I have come across a few things in my serving of the webs that I am putting on my wishlist.  (mom, are you paying attention?)

These shoes from BlowFish Shoes are to.die.for.  I love them.  I really want Vance, at the end here to the right.  But they are 5 inch heels.  And as I don't mind being tall, I don't want to be ginormous.  People stare at my family enough, I am not sure I need to add to the freak show.

            Aerin                                                          Valentino                                      Vance

I thought these pants were so cute.  Did you know TopShop has tall sizes?  Most of you might not care, but for this 6-footer it is helpful.  Obviously, I would go with the pants from a place like this.  Love the cropped mustard ones. 

And most of all, I really want to support handmade.  I know it might sound cliche, but honestly, I feel like I know these women.  I know most of them have a 9to5 job and are doing this on the side.  They are all competing with big corporate companies and if lil ole me could help (specially by shopping, I'm good at that), I'm gonna.  
 This beauty is the Sienna from La Luce.  I might not wait until Christmas for this beauty.  Actually, I won't be waiting til Christmas. Just decided. BAM.
This beautiful hand-crafted mug is coming from NS Pottery.  She is such a lovely girl and I LOVE her stuff.  I actually already have a beautiful ring on the way, so that is why I chose the mug.  It might get a few gifts from here too! 
And then all these too.  Is someone taking notes?  These beauties come from The Sunshine Stitch where my beautiful brown cowl came from.  I love the little coffee sleeve, so cute.  It has become a tradition on our house for Daddy to wear a Santa's Hat for Christmas day, maybe she could custom make one for my husband's big head??  And the beauty on the right, maybe she could custom make one for my big head?? Do you think I could pull it off? It's so pretty!

I could add so much more, but honestly I don't want to have 10 billion photos of what I want for Christmas.  

But here's what I am thinking.  Since I really want to support handmade in the upcoming holidays, why don't all your Etsy-ians give me a shout out.  Send me an e-mail with your shop name and link and what you primarily sell.  I am going to create a Christmas Gift guide with all your beauties!!!  Don't have an Etsy?  Submit for someone else!!

Oh yay, I am so excited this is gonna be fun.  Send them here please:

Have a great weekend!!


GingerPeachT said...

No thanksgiving over there?!? THats so sad!!
I love the items you picked out. I am too trying to buy all handmade this year since I just started on etsy and realized how much it means to get a sale! Lol

My shop is primarily vintage inspired jewelry and fabric flower headbands! I'm trying to create more fall things right now.

Courtney B said...

Ooh my goodness! YES please to your whole wish list :)
You are so gorgeous, glad I found your blog!!

Shannon Olson said...

I love your boots you picked out for a wish list! I found some similar at khols for 7 dollars, they are not supper comfortable but for 7 dollars I can put up with the pain lol

Anonymous said...

Josiah and I both wear Santa hats on Christmas, too! His family at first thought we were goofy, but now...ok, they still probably think that, but that doesn't stop us ;-)

And my sister in law is also 6 feet tall...I'm going to let her know about Top Shop!

Kelley @ said...

What a great idea Natalia! Cant wait to see the guide! :)

lowercase letters said...

LOVE the idea about the etsy Christmas guide and also that white hat with the red flower!! Know what else I'm liking a WHOLE lot?? You being a new blog buddy over at my place! Hooray for entering my GIVEAWAYYY! :)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Awww, love you!!! :)

I also love that hat with the flower and think you could totally pull it off!!

Ocean Dreams said...

Love your entire list - all things handmade are always lovely. I find myself browsing on Etsy all of the time!

MiMi said...

What a great idea!!
Christmas is around the corner soon, for sure. When you don't have much money, you start shopping way early!

Kate R said...

I love the idea of the etsy gift guide - I'm looking forward to seeing what you pull together! I really enjoy buying through etsy - I always find such interesting things and it's so much more satisfying than buying from a big chain.

Nicole said...

you are such a doll.

and ps super pumped about your upcoming guest post. girl. you are some kinda UHmazing. :)


TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Haha, I have already skipped to Christmas too. We are doing Thanksgiving, but then again I am the only American within 100 kilometers of anywhere. This should be interesting...
LOVE the fur on boots, really love fur on anything. So cute!

Junk in the Trunk Trio said...

I love those pants, they are super cute! And talls are always a wonderful find, right there with ya on that one!

And I love the gift guide idea! So fun!


Amy said...

thanksgiving is my favorite. I think I would be sad if I didn't have it every year. . I love the idea of you supporting hand made. AWESOME.

my etsy is


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