Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion Week!!! Fake Short hair

Good Monday morning everyone!!

I am actually excited about this week for a number of reasons.  ONE: it's fashion week, duh.  Not only in New York but here at Ma Nouvelle Mode.  TWO: I am leaving Wednesday for Denver for the SITS Girls bloggy boot camp on Saturday.  Yep, I won a ticket.  No joke.  And THREE: something kinda cool goes down today, can't wait to tell you!

But for right now I have an outfit or two with a hair tutorial.  I don't know if my hair tutorials are all that original, I am just proud that I did them.  And actually, I did them twice.  I recorded them all and was ready to put them all on the computer and come to find out that I guess my Flip Camera is devective and I can't.  And I have no way to get the last years worth of videos off it.  BOO. {including Eli's first Christmas. Like, serious bummer}

We'll call this outfit #2 in my 30x30. I'm not keeping exact track
The outfit above I liked.  It was a bit different for me because the shirt is a bit more fancy and the shorts are casual.  So crazy, I know!!  The headband I was proud of myself for.  I am trying to do things different with my hair and style and I never thought I would wear a headband like that even though I see them all over the place.  But I did.  Go me.  (I am aware it's really thin and you can hardly see it, but it still counts!!)

In other news, I CUT MY HAIR!
Just kidding.  If you didn't get that from the post title.  This is the tutorial for the day.  Like I have said, I am trying to find different ways to wear my hair without throwing it in a pony tail.  So far - success.  This last week it was hecka hot in Cali, like I can't handle life kinda hot so instead of the pony, I gave myself short hair.  What do you think?

I made a tutorial for it.  But like I mentioned above, I didn't edit it.  I actually drop the camera at the beginning, so you know there is going to be super awesome stuff going on here.  And remember, this is the second time I did this tutorial, so the hair isn't perfect, I just wanted to get it done, haha.  Anyway, I know you'll get a good laugh, but don't make fun of me too bad.  At least to my face (or in the comments...)

I hope you like it.  Remember, stay tuned for my little surprise thing I have this afternoon!!  It has something to do with my blog button.  Just a hint for ya!


Zara said...

ehmmm I'm in Denver :-)


MELANIE said...

Wish we cold have met at SITS. I can't wait till you share your experiences (PHOTOS PLEASE) LOL.

I love the headband, I put them on my girls but haven't been brave enough myself. I think because my hair is too short or Im just a punk. lol

The Fake short hair is cool, Ive been straightening mine since I cut it...I love the wavy whispy look, I might have to break out the big barrell curling iron tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing & inspiring you beautiful mama!

I put that beautiful new button on my sidebar with your other one!

Lucky 7 Design
Mama J and Her Fashionistas

TexaGermaNadian said...

Ok, have to watch that tutorial. Would love to try this for a day. Exciting things going on. The SITS conference should be great. And can't wait to hear about your other news too :)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Okay - so I read the blog title and had to check it out because you have such beautiful hair and I just knew you would never cut it. (Can you tell I'm getting excited here?) Then I'm reading your blog and I come to the picture of you with short hair and I actually gasped out loud. didn't. Then, of course I read your statement about how it's fake hair and didn't I read the title, blah, blah, blah. I just want to tell you, Natalia, that I am too old for that much excitement at 8 in the morning. hehehe BTW~love your "short" hair.

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

LOL! i love u man, the disclaimer before the video is hilarious. you look so freaking pretty girl. i might have to try this short hair trick... i really cut my hair a looooong time ago and wont do that again, lol. but for and every once it would refreshing to do something different. thanks for posting it, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. oh yea! i have a package on it way out to you tomorrow :)luv ya

Anonymous said...

It's time for me to get a new computer because blog videos always make it freeze!! I couldn't watch your video! wahhhh!

Love the tiny headband on you. Very pretty.

MiMi said...

VERY cute!
And I'd be seriously pissed about Eli's first Christmas. :(

Leslie said...

Cute! Let’s hope it works on fine hair; cause I’ve got to try this!

Anonymous said...

i just love it!!! i just wish you could do a fake long hair for me b/c im desperate for my hair to grow and grow fast hahah :) (and NOT with the help of extensions!).

Julia said...

The short hair looks great on you. This fashion week fake short hair would go superbely with a celebrity handbag, don't you think? :)


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