Friday, July 15, 2011

Texas or California?

So my husband and I have been thinking about buying a house in the near future.  After talking finances the other day we decided that we are on a 2 to 3 year plan.  This is a lot of money to save and we know we might have to live tight for a few years, but we are okay with that.  We are just excited to be getting into the next point in our lives. 

Here's the catch.  I am from Southern California and my husband is from the Bahamas.  We know we didn't want to go back to the Bahamas because there isn't as much opportunity there for our kids.  And yet recently, we are started to think about whether or not we want to move back to California when my husband is done playing basketball. 

We have a friend from church who has decided to move to Texas with his family.  My husband was talking to him last Sunday and for some reason, this lit a fire under his butt.  He would be ready to move tomorrow if we could.  Here are some of the reason's we are thinking of Texas:

~ Generally as a state, it is more conservative. We are conservative, so that works!
~ We  have heard that the public schooling system is actually pretty good.
~ There is no state income tax.
~ California is going in the pooper...
~ Cost of living is less
~ We can actually afford a house in Texas

Now to be fair, let's give Cali some pros:

~ Weather.  It's simply the best
~ You have everything you need in LA
~ Weather.
~ Family. Mainly my parents.
~  Weather...

Now naturally, I have been looking for houses online.  Which might be a little silly since we aren't really in the position to buy.  But I saw this little beauty and I mean really?  I WANT IT!
 For starters, it's beautiful from the outside!  Just beautiful!!  And is relatively new, built in 1995.
 If this isn't a selling point, then I don't know what is.  A basketball court!  My son would be in heaven.
 Nice little patio.  So we can sit and watch Tae play basketball..
 A pool??  My kids are fish.  Tae lives in the pool.  And from what I have heard about the heat, I am pretty sure this will come in handy!
You will not find this yard in Southern California where I live.  Or at least not for under $1 million.  If you think I am exaggerating, look it up.  This would be at least a couple million dollars.

I guess we will have to see!  But after looking at a place like this, it sure makes me want to jump right in there!  So all you Texans out there, should we do it?


trininista said...

That house is beautiful. I have heard great things about Texas and because of all the oil and gas companies in Houston for example, there is a great expat community as well. I have a lot of friends in TX and no major complaints.

Marly said...

hmmm gorgeous, is that house in Texas?? as it looks like's house they have for sale... :D

Jennifer said...

That is a great house!! And yes, that pool would be great to have!! Isn't it funny how guys get an off the wall idea in their head? Texas is closer than "across the pond" at least!

Janet said...

Pretty house!

Where *I* live in So. Cal, it's affordable. But most Southern Californians don't want to live here. It's hot, unattractive and a drive from everything.

But for me, being able to afford to live here in a house, while staying at home and L.A., beaches, etc. etc. being 1 to 1 1/2 hours away is worth it.

When the Lord tells us to move though, we'll happily move, preferably to another state ;-) HAH!

Sarah B. said...

I've lived in Orange County, now I live in Texas (Dallas area). California is prettier and has nicer weather. Texas is way more affordable but it's a concrete jungle - (and the summers are miserable). There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both places :)

MiMi said...

So...yeah, you should not buy that house.
I want to! lol
We've thought about what it would be like to live in a state that is conservative...right now we live in Oregon...home of the NOT conservative and we feel isolated sometimes.

TexaGermaNadian said...

It is the best place to be, if I do say so myself. You really can't beat the cost of living and the warmth of the people. Plus, the weather can be pretty nice too!! What part are ya'll talking about? I may be able to help out more if you needed anything :)

Emily said...

We live in Texas and I'm orginially from Washington state so at first the weather here was a big change so hot in the summer. But the schools are great at least in our area and the housing is good too.

Tina said...

I've been in Texas for all 19 years of my life! :) I don't plan on leaving soon! I grew up in a suburb of Houston called Cypress. It' a great area and has grown so much! It has all the craft and decor stores you could ever want and then some. It is close to the city and takes no more than 20 minutes to get downtown. There are all kinds of big malls, and even an outlet mall! Yeah! :) The reason I mention this area is because the school district, Cy-Fair ISD is fabulous! It is ranked with one of the highest graduation rates in the nation, 3rd if I remember correctly. It would be a great place for you children! They truly care about the education of the individual student. It's also nice because as you said, you can get a HUGE home that would cost millions in California. Don't worry, most places have pools here. :) It does get hot, but I'd take heat over snow any day!
Since you're from SoCal you might also consider looking in to Austin. It's the artsy city in Texas and reminds me very much of LA. The city is beautiful and the people are lovely. They pride themselves on being 'weird'. It's very eclectic, there are lots of college students, and they have a great sense of pride in protecting the environment. The cost of living is a little more expensive, but the environment and lifestyle is worth it. :)

Ok. I'll hop off my soapbox! If you need any info or someone to bounce ideas off with, I'd be more than happy to help!

The Genesis Emporium said...

Hi, I'm a native Houstonian (born downtown - 1946) and I still love Houston. But 2 of my kids live in Austin and they love it. Very nice place and a great place to raise kids. Less crime, too. When I retire in a couple of years, we are going to move somewhere kinda of close, but in a little town around the hill country. I have worked for 2 of the biggest oil and chemical companies (retired from ExxonMobil and now working for BP). Great opportunties here. BP is hiring a lot! Great basketball team here too. Hope you get to get down this way.

Grammy Goodwill said...

That house is stupendous. Definitely move to Texas. If you keep moving east, eventually you'll end up in VA. Then we can meet for lunch and shopping trips. hehehe

Wowurspouse said...

You should look at az. It's very affordable and come on I'm here and it's just a little drive to Cali!!!

inHERshoes said...

of course, i am biased because i am from L.A., so i would say move to SoCal. however, i also heard good things about texas, austin specifically! that house is divine! surprisingly, with the economy right now - houses in cali are far more affordable than it used to be.

Abby said...

I was in Dallas in May and I loved it. I could never live there because I need snow.. but everyone was soooo nice.

Jen said...

That house truely is beautiful! and that patio would be amazing to enjoy your dinner with a glass of wine watching your son play basketball...perfect x

Lindsay said...

Ok, I am going to give you my opinion... hope it doesnt upset you :)
I liked Texas visiting my family there...always wanted to move there, you know. Then when I did, it was so difficult to find a job (a decent job). Starbucks is so not a decent job. Unless you have for sure connections to a job, it will/might be difficult to snatch something.
THe cost of living isnt totally cheaper because you make less... a lot less. Gas is a little bit cheaper. Houses to buy are cheaper and rent of course...but you make less. You have to have heat on because it is freezing in the winter (look at blog) and INSANELY hot and humid in summer...which means AC is always one. My mom said they haven't turned their AC off ALL SUMMER so far.
I love that houses have more space if you dont like in your typical cookie cutter house.
Ok...well I will stop. I guess I just have a bad taste in my mouth about it.
But everyone has their own opinions about it. Some LOVE it others dont. If you want an unbiased opinion ask my mom haha ;)

Zara said...

Move to Texas. Hands down. We are moving there within the next year or so. My husband is a Texan and has been dying to go back. At first I put up a fight because it can get stinking hot! But after visiting a few times, I'm in love.

The people are NICE ... for the most part. Public schools are great! Really, some of the best. Teachers actually care about students. Higher education is dirt cheap and excellent. The housing market is amazing. For what we paid in rent we can have a mortgage for land and a huge house!

And to add on another reason to your list, Texas is the only state that can leave the Union by popular vote. So if the country really starts going to hell, Texas can break off and become it's own country.

So yes. Do it! Go to Texas!

Megan said...

texas all the way!

where in texas are you looking? im a HUGE fan of dallas area (not been to houston much...but im sure its nice too).

ive lived in texas and i feel jobs are easier to come by there than anywhere else i have lived. dallas is growing and prospering in my opinion, even if stats dont prove it. sports are life there, family means everything, and true, summers are hot, but kids wont notice it as kids...they'll play outside and enjoy life.

Megan said...

ps: im conservative too...perhaps that is why im more a fan of texas on this one ;-)


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