Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Beauty Tips

So today I thought it would be fun to chat about some of my summer beauty secrets.  Well, I suppose they might not be secrets, but they are some of my favorites for summer, and they are super easy and fast for us momma's to be cute in no time at all!

First off, ditch the foundation!  It is usually too heavy for summer and takes a bit more effort.  Instead I love to use a tinted moisturizer.  My personal favorite is CoverGirl Smoothers.  They have different shades for different skin tones, and you apply it just like normal moisturizer.  The best part about this little beauty secret?  It is like 4 bucks a pop and can be found at your local Target or Walmart.  Um, yes please!  Of course you can find other more expensive brands, but I have found it works and I am stickin' with it!

My next little secret not everyone will agree with, but I have used it and loved it, so I am gonna share it.  It is self tanning face cream.  Probably one of the best is Lancome, but I use Jergens and love it (and it's a better price!).  Now, don't be scared!  Make sure when you purchase your product, you purchase one that is self tanner and lotion in one.  This way the tanner isn't too harsh and you don't have to worry about it turning you orange.  If you bought a straight self-tanner, fear not!  You can just mix it with your favorite moisturizer and voila! You made your own!  You also don't have to use everyday.  Maybe once every three days, helps give ya a little boost without being noticeable.
 Now you want to add a little glow, right?  The next little secret is bronzer.  Okay, not really a secret, but a must have for summer beauty tips!  Super fast, super easy and you add a quick highlighted glow to your beautiful skin!  You might want to choose one like Nars  Portrait of Paradise.  You blend all three colors for a nice even bronze.  At $55 it is a little pricey, so find one that works for you, and rock it!

Now you might see a little theme going on here.  Yes, a little bronzation!  I don't know about you, but I feel 10 pounds lighter and so much healthier when I have a little color.  Why diet when you can just tan??  But seriously, since I am not all about laying in the sun all day, and have two little ones to prevent me from doing just that, I have found these other tips to help me out a bit.  Pair them with an excellent mascara like Christian Dior Diorshow and you are ready to go in 5 minutes flat!

What are your summer beauty secrets?  Please, do share!  I always love learning new tips and tricks.

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Hope you are having a great Monday! 


TexaGermaNadian said...

I have been on the market for a new tint moisturizer (my winter one is a tad too pale now, lol) so this might be perfect. Thanks for the heads up, I will have to try it out today :)

Anonymous said...

i have NEVER used tinted moisturizer! it has just never occured to me to do so...but i really have been considering trying it out lately! i think i will have to give this CG a shot!!!

i hope you had a great weekend girl!!!

LauraMck said...

I have the Nars Blush Bronzer Trio :)...I love it:D xxxx

Jennifer said...

Great tips!! If I had some to share I would! I agree with your first two for sure...I've never really given bronzer a try..maybe it's time for an test run!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I've been curious about that natural glow I think I'm gonna buy it.

Anna Walker said...

So the funny thing is...I have tried the tinted lotions and such, and I ALWAYS get hives! I've always only tried on my legs, so I am afraid for my face! :)


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