Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creative Connection LA

1cre·ate verb \krē-ˈāt, ˈkrē-ˌ\

a : to produce through imaginative skill <create a painting>
b : to make or bring into existence something new  

Through blogging I have been able to meet some pretty incredible people.  And by meet, I of course mean 'cyber meet' but meet nonetheless.  Well a couple weekends ago, I actually got to meet, face to face, some of the wonderful creative women out there! 

I met Elise Ostermann on Twitter while I was still in France. (*TWITTER PLUG*: If you're not on twitter, you need to be! Such a cool place to connect!) She had this brilliant idea of getting together with a group of creative women in the LA area!  Well, it turns out I am considered creative (whoo hoo!) and I am from LA!  So Saturday, June 18th I got to be a part of the second Creative Connection! 

The event was held at a little park in North Hollywood.  We all got together to meet other creative woman and basically network.  And let me tell you, with two little boys and a husband, I need me some creative outlet time!  And it was wonderful!!

The beautiful flowers were done by Petalicious.  Cute cute name too, right? 
 So impressed by her talent.  Just beautiful!

You can also find Lindsay on Facebook, Twitter, and she has a blog!

The ladies from The Pomegranate Basket did all the paper good which were beautiful!

They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and have a blog!

The mason jars and little plates were brought by The Vintage Table.  She has different collections of vintage plates and rents them out for parties etc.  What a cute idea!  And her business cards pretty much took the cake!

Aren't they so cute? She made them herself, of course!
You can find The Vintage Table on Facebook and Twitter.

Yummy desserts were also present, of course!  They were made by Kaitlyns Kupcakes.

The recipe for Tracy's mini strawberry muffins, which were fabulous, can be found here.  Tracy also has Twitter and Facebook.  Donna of Sweet Little Cakes by Donna brought her wonderful cake truffles.  If you haven't tried these, you must!  And no, the Starbucks version does not hold a candle to what Donna does.  LOVE IT!  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

All the beautiful photos taken above were done by the very talented Brienne Michelle.  Love her work!  You can find more of it on Facebook and connect on Twitter as well!

And this would all be for nothing if I didn't mention the brains behind it all!  Elise Osterman is the beautiful lady who came up with this fabulous idea.  She wanted to connect with other women in the LA area who had creative minds like she does.  To bounce ideas off each other, get more creative juices flowing and to meet new people. 

Her fun idea is turning into so much more.  Creative Connection USA has a Facebook page where you can stay up to date with what is happening in the world of creatives.  She has created a place where businesses can be spotlighted, people can ask for advice, or we can even just encourage each other, cheer each other on!  You should definitely go like the Creative Connection USA page on Facebook.  Right now Los Angeles is the first chapter, but there are so many opportunities to expand, and how cool to be at the breaking ground of that! 

If you are from LA, the next meet up is July 23.  If you can attend, do it.  And yes, I attended as a 'blogger.'  Here is the link for the invite.  If you can't go or aren't from LA, stop by the Facebook page and let Elise know I sent ya!

I hope to see you all getting involved!  It is always great to have that creative network of support!  Have a great day!


MiMi said...

Wow, those Petalicious pieces are BEAUTIFUL!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi - I found you through Megan at a Suitcase and Stilettos. Love your blog and how crafty you are.

In this post, the script writing on the table tents is gorgeous. Do you know if she did these by hand or was able to reproduce them somehow?

Yellow and green - my favorite spring colors.

Tassos P said...

Oh mon Dior! Pretty and cute beyond belief!

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

The flower and fruit arrangements are amazing! as are the cupcakes! trying to be good though! he he :)

Love, Vanilla


Anonymous said...

whenever we have our official meetup (because we WILL), you have to inspire me to be more crafty. i seriously have hit an all-time low and believe it or not, im a creative person!!!!

TexaGermaNadian said...

All of these are gorgeous!! What a really neat idea :)

Jennifer said...

So jealous of this event!! Would love for this to be in my area!! So cool! Going to Facebook to check it out!

Grammy Goodwill said...

What a wonderful day you must have had. Everything looks so inviting. I'm glad you had a special day just for you.

Mariel Torres said...

everything is absolutely gorgeous! so much talented


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