Monday, May 9, 2011

Guest Post! I {Heart} my Glue Gun

As you all know, I am packing and running around to get some last minute things done.  So this week I have a few guest posters who are fabulous!!  And to start out the week, what a better way to introduce Janet, who is hosting a blog party at her place all week!  So take it away Janet!

Hey all you Ma Nouvelle Mode readers!! My name is Janet, and I'm the owner of! I am so honored to be over here at Ma Nouvelle Mode!
I truly love blogging. I've been blogging since February of this year, and it has just been such a joy! I love getting inspiration from other bloggers out there, and implementing the things I've seen into my home! I'm sure you can relate :)
So since I'm visiting over here, I thought it would only be fitting to bring my best! Today, I'm going to show you my dining room table turned from beastly to beautiful!


As you can see, my dining room table was the cream of the crop in 1978 (like my calendar falling off the wall? That's how we roll). It was given to us by our old neighbors, and they gave me all matching 8 chairs! The table was a huge blessing because at the time we had a 4 person table with one of the chairs only bearing three legs, and we had our youth group coming over once to twice a week so we needed something desperately!

But it's 2011, not 1978. It had burn marks from a hot casserole dish burning through the tablecloth, scratches, cheerios, cup had definitely seen better days.

So after vigorous sanding, Kilz oil based primer, latex satin black paint on the table and Rustoleum's semi-gloss spray paint on the chairs, and a few coats of Minwax Polycrylic gloss, it was as good as new!




Please excuse the missing chair, she was painted later and was having the 3 day cure I did on the table and chairs.

I love it now! I've been contemplating bringing in different dining room chairs to spice it up a bit, but that costs money and a deep hunt on craigslist. So I'm okay with my extremely low cost renovation to my dining room table for now!

Thanks for having me, and please come over to I HEART My Glue Gun to see the guest posts happening all week!


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

They look SO good! I am always a little scared of painting furniture but I think I will try it now with less trepidation :)

Love, Vanilla

MiMi said...

That's beautiful! I painted my table and chairs black last year and I LOVE them! :)

♥ Miss Tea said...

oh wow, Janet is so talented and crafty, love what she did with the dining table and chairs, gorgeous result! x will visit her over after this :)

Brac and Zoe's Mama said...

Super Cute... I am now following from the blog hop. Love the guest posts. Both Ideas are super super cute.

Jennifer said...

Wow!! That turned out so great!!

Seven Sisters said...

This turned out wonderful...i was so excited to see that you used almost the same exact products as me! come check out my dining room table transformation... won't believe our tables are almost twins!

♥J. sevensisters


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