Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Tip Tuesdays ~ Keep the Convo Going!

Good Morning everyone! Hope you are having a good week. I have another Blog Tip Tuesday for ya today! First off, I need to ask you all a question. Are you a no-reply comment blogger? If you are, you might not even know it. But ya need to fix it!

I love getting comments. I am sure you all do too. It shows that people actually attempted to read the post you spend some time in front of the TV creating. And that is one of the best parts of blogging, connecting with people who might be in the same boat as you. Or have been, or just a little ego boost.  (we all need it every once in a while!)

So when those lovely bloggers leave me a comment, I want them to know that I appreciate it! I want you to know that I read that little comment that you so preciously took time to write. Sure I could go check your blog, and often I do, but if at that moment I didn't have time or availability, you will never know that I care.  And that makes me sad!  So if you are a no-reply comment blogger, keep reading. And if you aren't sure, keep reading, you just might be. And if you are sure, just keep reading, cuz, you know, I like it and all.

Here is how easy it is. Log into Blogger and go to the settings tab, then the comments tab. Scroll down to the bottom. On the way down, you can change some things like word verification #justsayin, you can also personalize you comment message. The last one on there 'comment modification e-mail', just put your e-mail there. Yep, that's it. Now when you leave a comment on someone's blog they can respond in an e-mail! I hate when I go to reply and the e-mail is no-reply comment blogger! ugh! I want to tell you guys thanks!!

Here it is in pictures for all you visual learners.

From blogger home to settings

Then to the comments tab

Did I have word verification on?? Yikes, how embarrassing.  Enter e-mail and save!  Super easy!
And yes, mom, I already changed it for you.  You're welcome.

I hope this is a helpful tip!  Make sure to stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be my giveaway!!  Can't wait!

Have a good day!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Awesome tip I just recently found this out.

Grammy Goodwill said...

You are so good at responding to comments, and I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...i had no idea???? i respond back to almost everything (when i have time) and i never knew that people werent getting them LOL!!!!

MiMi said...

Word verification is the devil. And it's so funny that you wrote about it today because seriously? For some reason I can't comment on ANY blogs that are word verify today. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Nicole said...

Great tip!

Suzzie V said...

Hey thanks for writing blog tips. As a new blogger I really appreciate it!


Sara Louise said...

The visual helped! My settings are all changed now, thanks :-)
So happy your found my blog xo


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