Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Spotlight ~ Babes and Sages

Hello everyone! And good morning! (for me at least)   So if you haven't already added your linky for Projects in Progress, go do it! And if you already have, or don't have anything to post at the moment, check out the others, I would love to see all the creativity out there at work!

Now onto the fun stuff!  I want to introduce my friend Sophie from Babes and Sages.  She is so sweet and it has been a pleasure getting to know her! If you get a chance to check out her blog, you must read her love story, super sweet!  I asked her a few questions and she so kindly obliged.  Check 'em out!

1.) When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog in February of this year. I have been reading blogs for a couple of years now and gotten so much inspiration from others that I thought I would take it to the next step and start my own blog. I am also currently not working, except for my Etsy store, and blogging gives me something to do and helps me stay focused on certain tasks. I love to connect with my readers and make new internet friends.

2.) Where do you find most of your inspiration?
I find my inspiration all around me. My friends and family are a great source of inspiration as well as nature, colors, good design and of course the WWW ;) 

3.) Any goals for 2011, bloggy or otherwise?
My big goal for 2011 is being a great mommy. The hubby and I are expecting our first child in May and I will be focusing all my attention on parenthood. I would also love to grow my Etsy business and of course my blog. I am really hoping to not have to neglect either one too much once the baby comes. However, the baby will of course be my first priority.

4.) When did you start your Etsy shop and what made you want to?I have been signed up with Etsy for a few years now and wanted to start my own shop pretty much right away. I just finished up my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design last December and school pretty much kept me from being able to devote enough time to an Etsy business. Now that I am out of school I am ready to do whatever it takes to get my little baby off the ground. I absolutely love Etsy and all things handmade, and am a great supporter of women trying to be their own boss. I hope to feature many other Etsians on my blog in the future and offer product reviews and giveaways for their shops. If you are interested, please contact me at or through my blog.

5.) What are your favorite items from the shop?
I love everything I have in my shop. I wouldn't sell something that I don't adore myself. I think my Bloom necklaces are a great way to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans look or a fancy little evening dress. I offer matching hair clips to complete the look. 

6.) What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like to you?
A typical Sunday afternoon to me is one that i get to enjoy with the hubs and our puppies :) We either relax on the couch with a good movie or do things around the house, like home decor or renovation projects. It is great to have a handyman on call at all times ;) We also like to spend Sunday evenings at my in-law's for a home cooked meal and some good conversations.

Thanks so much Sophie!! I can't wait to get my hands on one of your beauties!  And guess what guys.  She is offering all of my lovely readers a discount!!  All you have to do is enter NOUVELLE at the checkout and she is giving you 20% off your purchase!  How stinkin' cool is that?  If you end up purchasing something, I would love to hear about it and maybe send me picture so we can all see!

In other news, it is my baby's 4th birthday today.  4-years-old?!?!  What?  First of all, I am not that old yet. And second, where the heck did the time go?  Yikes!  I have pictures of his 4th birthday party, (my first French b-day party!) I will post later.
Have a good day lovelys!


Tammi & Rachelle said...

We loved the interview! Thank you for sharing insights from other women in business. We are inspired!

Michaela said...

How very cute! I love ruffles!

Sharde said...

hey natalia, just found your blog today! i love it. and i will definitely be looking at babes and sages!!

come and visit me at

Claire said...

love the ruffle flower necklaces! so cute.

congrats on the new baby, and Happy Birthday to your 4-year old!!!


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