Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspiration from the Postman

I got a little inspiration in the mail today.  And it was wonderful.  Letters are always wonderful to receive, and it helps when you live thousands of miles away from most family and friends.  Today my mom sent me a clipping from Better Homes and Gardens March 2011 issue.  It was a little article about Nina Restieri.  She is the creater of something called the MomAgenda. Super cute planners and papers and such made for mom's.  I am pretty sure you don't have to be a mom, but that is part of the point.  Here is what it says for the front caption of the article

"Functional fashion?  It's high on Nina Restieri's to-do list.  The creator of mom Agenda, a line of modern colorful day planners made speciafically for moms believes that - with a little organization and know-how - any busy woman can look and feel perfectly put together."

Suggestions?  Here is how Nina does it.  A couple times a year she puts together about 50 outfits and takes pictures of them.  Then she prints them out and puts them in a binder so when it comes time to get dressed, she whips out the binder and chooses from there.  Crazy, huh?  I don't think that would work for me, becuase I would go to get those items out of the closet and see something else cute I wanted to wear and get sidetracked and who knows from there.  The main point I got from this article is that is what worked for her.  That is what keeps her cute in her super busy world.  There are no excuses!

I am learning that my style is probably going to be a little more casual, and that is okay.  I can be casual and be cute!  So thanks mom and Nina for a little something to brighten my day!

Oh and, I want this one...

Love the Caribbean blue, they also have pink, zebra, purple. So cute!
Week view including room for up to 4 kids.

Month view
This kinda turned into a review.  I have seen the products and like them, but was not compensated (I wish!) for my opinion. 

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Ramsey said...

I so need one of life gets CRAZY!


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